All hosting services offered by GreenGeeks are set to automatically renew on their anniversary date unless a cancellation request has been placed. Customers will receive email notification 15 days prior to the domain’s expiry and again seven days prior to expiry.

Can I renew my domain early?
At this time, GreenGeeks does not provide early renewal options for domain registrations. We will be introducing early domain renewals on non Free Domain for Life domains in early 2014.

What happens if my domain expires?
Should your domain name expire it will be placed in a three stage Redemption Grace Period. To learn more about the RGP period click here.

How do I cancel my domain name?
Should you wish to cancel your domain name, and prevent it from renewing please contact our billing department via your GreenGeeks Account Manager. Please note that domain registrations/transfers and renewals are non refundable.


  1. Sol Erwin Diaz

    There is no complication in renewing domain. But if you will transfer it, that might be difficult. Please write an article regarding transferring of domain. Thank you.

  2. Larry Igbon

    I have received an expiration notice for my Domain from Domain Registration Service SEO Company, asking me to pay $64 to renew for the period Jan 1 2016 to Jan 1 2017.

    I have never seen this Company name before can you please let me know whether I should actually send my renewal payment to them and not GreenGeeks?



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