Should your domain name expire it will enter a three-stage system known as Redemption Grace Period (RGP). During this time, you may be able to renew the domain before it is deleted and re-enters the market.

RGP Stage 1:
Upon your domain name initially expiring, you will be present with a 29 days of “Free” RGP. During this time, your domain name can be renewed at our standard rates (found here). In order to renew your domain during RGP Stage 1, simply call or open a ticket with our billing department. Upon completion of your renewal payment, your domain name will be reactivated. Please note you may face a period of 1-48hrs for dns propagation.

Note: Some domain extensions provide less than the standard 29 day period. You can contact our support team for clarification on your domain if required.

RGP Stage 2:
After 29 days of being expired, your domain will enter the “Paid” RGP. At this time the domain has left GreenGeeks control and is now being managed by ICANN/Enom. In order to renew the domain during this period of time Enom has applied a fee of $80 + domain renewal costs (reg. $250).

When a domain name expires, the website will show an advertisement page set by ICANN/Enom. An example of this page is below:20130507-003011

Additionally, during this time, you will find that your Domain’s expiry will be extended. This is normal but does not indicate the domain is active. You will also see the nameservers reflected as:

RGP Stage 3:
After a period of 15-45 days (dependent on the domain extension & website traffic) in RGP Stage 2, the domain name will be deleted. At this time the domain name may be available for general registration at our standard domain rates. Ā Please note that during RGP Stage 2 your domain is placed into auction and can be obtained near immediately at removal.

GreenGeeks understands that having your personal domain name enter redemption is difficult. We also understand that the costs associated with the RGP Stage 2 are extremely high, please note that GreenGeeks is in no way involved with the redemption pricing and makes no profit on the recovery of your website.

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