Get ready for the first ever DrupalCamp in Latin America. Experience the diversity which Drupal Community from all over the world represents. DrupalCamp Picchu is going to be a mega event in Drupal arena involving organizers from ten different countries, participants from more than 25 countries and total headcount more than 500.

The main organizer of this super event is Drupal Latino Community having many accomplished Drupalars transformed into able leaders. The Drupal Latino Community is a versatile organizer having many global Drupal events in their kitty.

The exotic location of Cusco, in the Andes mountain range is the icing on the cake for such an event. Cusco is the historical capital of Peru. The city has many buildings, streets and churches which are declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The knowledge sharing session with fellow Drupalars and brief visits to these heritage sites is a perfect opportunity for international Drupal enthusiasts.


The program covers requirements of all types of Drupal users ranging from beginners, medium level users and advanced level users.

The brief of schedule is as follows

–       Workshops

  • Work your skills with workshops. Have an opportunity to try your hand at development

–       Community Summit

  • Session regarding community engagement and growth from seasoned Drupal community members

–       Business Summit

  • Will include sessions on collaboration of businesses to achieve success using Drupal

–       Media Summit

  • Discussion on how media can help boosting ever increasing numbers of Drupal enthusiasts

–       Education Summit

  • Synergy of education and technology can result in fantastic innovations increasing the technology usage.

–       Non Profit Summit

  • Fundraising campaigns and many other life and world changing campaigns are carried out by the most of NGOs. Learn about how NGOs see a platform like Drupal a potential tool to reach out to people through a powerful medium of website.

–       Government Summit

  • Creation of more transparent government is the need of the hour. Drupal certainly would help creating better managed website for government agencies.

Proposed Sessions

DrupalCamp Picchu is going to witness topics which are going to cover every aspect and level of Drupal usage. There have been several proposals for upcoming sessions at DrupalCamp Picchu briefly discussed as below.

Does lack of resources have posed constraints on your website development plans? Not anymore. Using Zurb Foundation or Twitter Bootstrap you can buy the templates at cheaper rates and convert them to Drupal at your luxury. Carlos Ospina is going to take you through this topic. Carlos is an experienced Drupal user with practical knowledge of many open source projects which primarily includes Web clusters, Asterisk PBX’s to name a few. He works as an associate to Camo Advanced tech and have been pioneer to different ideas and website projects ranging from simplest websites to e-commerce using Drupal commerce and Ubercart.

Delivery of Drupal websites will improvise when front end will be created in HTML using knockout JS, Backbone and JSON data. There is a workshop for custom field types in Drupal 7, a tutorial on how to implement complex, multi value fields and the way to maximize control of schemas of database for fields is going to be carried out. Both these sessions will be engaged by Matt. Matt has been an avid Drupal user since 2007. He has been an active member of Drupal community.

Worried about the security of Drupal website? Matt will be discussing several topics related to the security of Drupal site such as

–       How to avoid common mistakes for configuration

–       How to select modules keeping security in mind

–       How to reduce the vulnerabilities created by security problems

–       How to write security code

–       How to audit Drupal website for security.

Alberto Siles will be explaining how to share a simple path for creating wonderful Ajax effects using JQuery load function. Alberto is a partner at Development Factory Group SAC. He has more than 100 Drupal sites published under his name.

Give stunning new look to views API, Janis Janovskis will be explaining in detail about how to build data driven solutions with Drupal views. Janis is a developer, focused on developing medium and large scale web solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. He is employed at WunderKraut which is a leading Drupal shop in Europe.

Would like to create a responsive design?, try using Omega, Darwinbc is going to explain the details of Omega. It will enrich the users with the knowledge of functions and structures of Omega. Darwinbc is a manager to Inc. Computer System.

These and many more sessions are proposed at DrupalCamp Picchu.

Book your calendars from January 20-24, 2014 and have a wonderful start of the New Year with Drupal enthusiasts, themers and developers. Be a part of DrupalCamp Picchu, it is worth it!

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