Users choose any kind of product mainly for its functionality.  When there are ranges of products to choose from, the users will always look into the extensibility of that particular product. Similar analogy is valid for software as well. Any platform may become static if there are no extensions to its functionality. These extensions might not always be embedded in the software but users can add it as and when required. Components are a kind of Joomla extensions and are the major functional units of Joomla. Components are mini applications. As there are applications for desktops, there are components for Joomla. These components are generally displayed in the center of the template.

As any desktop applications, these components are having two parts as admin part and the site part. Using site part, you can render the pages, which are called when the site is operated. The admin part is accessible through the administrator application; it manages different aspects of components and helps to configure the components. Component can also be called as complicated form of Joomla extensions.

Component Creator

You can also use some of the component creators for Joomla which are ready to install and easy to use. The basic use of Joomla component creators is that it save huge amount of developers time. The component creator can create components for most of the versions of Joomla and can allow editing in the backend and in the frontend. The code, which is generated through this component creator, adheres to the Joomla MVC structure and formats. Here are the steps to be followed in order to create your component:

  • Name your component
  • Add table or view
  • Add fields into it
  • Build components
  • Install the components through Joomla administrator 

Now, if you have already developed the Joomla component you must be aware that there is a huge loss of time while you copy and paste the views, rename them etc. Component creator makes this very simple. You just have to build your component and you can download a ready to install zipped component. You may have a doubt here whether using this readymade component will be able to add, edit or delete the data or not, the answer to this is affirmative.


You can have a look at some of features of component creator here:

  • You can design all the components through database tables
    • Database table is the source of all the data on your website. Through this functionality you are actually using a huge pool of validated data to develop the components
  • SQL install code can be generated
    • Getting SQL install code contributes to the ease of operation of a newly developed component
  • Admin list can be designed
    • Giving administrative privileges to some people and providing limited access to all others can now be performed through the component creator which is a new and most sought after functionality
  • You can create form views for each table
    • Using the pool of data instead of copying from the table you can use these table directly to create a view
  • Generation of list and detail views is easy from front end
    • You can easily generate list and detail views from the web page itself
  • Through ACL control you can very well add front end forms
    • This specific control helps you add forms which can be used in the front end
  • You can also create SQL import for your existing tables for each of your component
    • You can have SQL import for all your data used in development of component
  • Component support compatible field type which are also SEO friendly
    • All the compatible field types are supported which also boost the SEO
  • Joomla coding standards are followed by the component creator in developing core fields, all SQL fields, foreign key etc.
    • While developing the components with creator or without creator it is essential to follow Joomla code standards
  • Creation of  installable MVC component which are mostly ready to be extended
    • These installable MVC components are known for their extensibility 

These are only some of the functionalities, which a component creator may have. Remember, this is a fastest way through which you can create a component without going the traditional way. It is always better to follow the core method for developing the component in order to minimize the faults. The component creator will always have a time advantage and the ease of use, as the components created with component creator are ready to install instead of using copy and paste approach.

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