London is all set to celebrate the togetherness of Drupal developers, themers and beginners for an event which is one of its kinds. London welcomes you for London DrupalCamp which is going to be held on 28thFebruary and 2nd March 2014 at City University. There are number of sessions and variety of topics going to be discussed with a lot of networking and interactions.

There are these following tracks:

  • Development
  • Hosting and deployment
  • Drupal community and business
  • Site Building
  • Design and Theming



The sessions include keynote speeches from Mark O’Neil, followed by a session on Drupal as a lean start-up platform.  You will be taken through a mock project to make you understand how the most viable projects are made. Iztok will be taking you through this session. This session features in the beginner’s track.

Fast Entities

The next session would include Fast Entities which would take you through Entity System of Drupal Core 7. Joachim will be speaking about this topic at length.

How to sell Drupal business

Businesses and businessmen are always in the quest of getting knowledge and information which helps them improvising their businesses. Here is Stephanie, who is going to give you all the tips and tricks of how to run Drupal businesses. A business development manager at Inviqa, Stephanie has worked in sales and marketing roles from past 10 years. You can learn how to strategically select the market and how to engage potential customers ensuring that you win the work.

Configuration schema and Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has configuration system and the deployment process which is outstanding and out of the box. Vijay is going to take the Drupalars through this session using step by step process.

Pitching Drupal for new clients

Software has its own pros and cons; it is in the hands of the developers or a person who has know-how of the software to convince the client on the technology. Most of the times it works and some time the pitching just fail. Reasons can be many, ranging from lack of knowledge about particular software, lack of proper communication etc. This session is essentially meant to help you to actually woo the clients based on your knowledge of Drupal and Drupal’s capability. You can use this Demo Framework while pitching your story to the client. This demo framework actually would act as a tool for introducing Drupal to the new users. Annika Clarke is a presenter of this session.

This Drupal conference has sessions which cover core development topics, topics related to project management,  topics related to business and much more, that is why it has a massive reach and it is expected to attract many stalwarts from the above backgrounds.

Of bad project managers

Next session is all about how the project can never be bad; it is just the project managers who might make the things look bad. After all, a project manager is one who is not troubled with unseasoned approaches and walks his/her team through while executing a project. And it is even worst when all of it is blamed on the client. This session is going to focus on best practices of project management and is going to be worth it.

Effective Communication for Developers

Software Development has certainly come up the long way. A developer no longer can sit at one place and just develop the required lines of code; there is a huge emphasis on communication, getting involved etc. This session will walk you through the essentials of communication while performing at your best as a developer.

There is a wide range of themes to be discussed on Sunday as well which would cover subjects like Introduction to Symphony, Advance logging in PHP, One Drupal to rule them all etc.

Through this London DrupalCamp you can avail a huge opportunity of getting in touch with fellow Drupalars, Themers and developers as there would be huge exchange of information which would enrich you as an individual. These camps are meant to be delivering high value content along with fun. The code sprint is arranged at London Drupal camp 2014 for you to try your hands at Drupal coding along with seasoned developers.

All in all it is going to be a huge gathering where like-minded Drupalars can actually have gala time and contribute to the new ideas which are going to be brewed over for the two days.

This brewing is certainly going to bring awesome changes to the overall future of Drupal as every other conference does. Do you have any doubt about that?

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