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How to Include Special Characters in Posts for WordPress

Have you ever wondered how other websites have lots of different special characters in WordPress? It’s quite simple to add them because they are found natively in the WordPress visual editor and they have a lot of applications. They allow you to add special characters and mathematical symbols in WordPress and this can be extremely handy depending on what the focus of your website is.

You can add these special characters in either the visual or text editors. I recommend using the visual because it is extremely easy to use and add them, but if you prefer writing in HTML then you will have an option. Today I will demonstrate how to add special character in WordPress using the visual and text editor.

Why Would Your Website Need Special Characters

Special characters are needed when they have a place in the text. For example, if you are in charge of a math tutorial site, you’re going to need mathematical symbols in WordPress. If you wanted to say 8 is greater than 7, you would need a special character like this, 8 > 7.  There are other common symbols like pi, π, that are easily identified and are recognized regardless of language.They can save you a lot of space and make your website look very professional.

Special characters are also used for business-related things. For example, you may want to add the trademark symbol, ™, but that is not on a keyboard. You can find a very wide range of special characters to help improve your websites writing. Remember to always make sure you are using these characters correctly because they can have legal problems as trademarks and copyrighted topics are protected by laws.

Don’t Overuse Special Characters

Special characters are great and have many fun uses and can definitely spice up your content. However, they can also make your writing look unprofessional and depending on the nature of your website they might be unacceptable. For example, you may be using special characters for humorous ways to say undesirable words like A$$, but it is not appropriate depending on the audience and nature of your site. There are not many businesses that go around using this language that are successful, so be careful.

You may also be overusing them in general. There are specific places and times to use them and those times are when they help enhance your writing. You need to know your audience. If your website is being used or designed for a younger audience don’t say 8 > 7 and expect them to recognize the greater than symbol. Always use them when they are appropriate to use and you are sure your audience will understand them.

How to Add Special Characters in WordPress

Today I will demonstrate how to add special characters in WordPress in both the visual and text editors. Using the visual editor is by far the easier option in my opinion, but if you choose the text editor you will be adding special symbols using HTML codes in WordPress. You can find a full list of these on multiple websites, but here a very clear chart of the symbol and HTML to use  to create it.

Let’s start by going to Pages on the left-hand admin panel and selecting the Add New option. You may choose to use an existing page if you wish to add these symbols in a specific area.

Let's start by going to Pages on the left-hand admin panel and selecting the Add New option.

We will start in the visual editor, so make sure you’re in it. Click on the “Toolbar Toggle” button. This button will expand your toolbar and the special characters button is located here.

Click on the "Toolbar Toggle" button.

Click on the “Special character” button, which is represented by the Omega Symbol, Ω.

Click on the "Special character" button

A pop up will now appear showing all of the special characters WordPress offers. Simply click on the special character you want and you will insert it into your page. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to add special characters in the visual editor.

A pop up will now appear showing all of the special characters WordPress offers.

Now switch your editor to Text mode by clicking on the Text tab. In this mode, you will be writing in HTML. This mode does not have a special characters button. You will have to add the code for each symbol you want to add. If you truly prefer writing in HTML, then consider disabling the visual editor entirely.

Text tab

Use any of the online guides to find the specific code for each symbol. For example, $ is the $ symbol. You may find this way quicker is you already know the code of the symbol, which is not very complicated, and are a quick typer. Remember to save your work when you are done.

$ is the $ symbol.

Congratulations, you have successfully added special characters to your website in both editors. They are very handy and can save you time writing out phrases like greater than or equal to with just one character, ≥. You may even consider using a plugin to find and replace this text with special characters.They also can help make your website seem more professional and give visitors a better experience.

Always Use the Appropriate Symbols on Your Website

Special characters are great for saving time when writing and also help make it easier to read by using well-known symbols, however, remember there is a time and a place. If you are writing educational work make sure you are explaining each symbol. For example, if you are displaying units and use, µm, make sure you tell them these are micro-meters and micro (µ) means 10^(-6).

Of course, your website may not be based on education, but there are many business symbols that are used regularly. These special characters can all be added quite easily and really enhance your writing. Remember to only use symbols appropriately to get the best effect out of them.

What kind of special characters does your website use and how often? Is there a particular symbol your website is using very often?

Author: Ron Helms

I currently work for GreenGeeks as a Support Technician. My primary roles are supporting our VPS and Dedicated server clients, as well as performing site migrations. With experience in the web hosting industry since 2009, there is rarely a question I can’t help answer. In my spare time, I enjoy gaming and working on cars as an automotive enthusiast.

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  1. Trouble with Omega is that the special character set is not complete. So, in order to enter a cedilla-s for example you need to type ş in the text, and in order to enter a dotless i you need to enter ı.

    Not all names are representable in the Western ASCII set, and, to the degree WordPress is an international vehicle, it should support these.

    The other option is to use LaTex but even there it is hard, because WordPress’ support of LaTeX is not complete. For instance you need to write

    $latex \text{A\c{c}}\i\text{kme\c{s}e}$


    $latex \text{A\c{c}\ikme\c{s}e}$

    because it doesn’t know what to do with that. LaTeX in a standard installation does.

  2. After an update, my Add New Post page comes up looking beautiful, but I can’t figure out how to do many of the things I used to. This is an excellent essay/tutorial, except that the diagrams show what I USED to see, what I’m familiar with. I think through hitting a WP update indicator, I have this jazzy new system which I’m gradually figuring out but still haven’t found a way to do SYMBOLS…

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