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How to Set up Telegram to Be Used With WordPress

how to telegram

Messaging applications are abundant on the Internet. Whether you’re texting someone directions or sharing a pic of yourself at the mall, instant communication is a driving force of culture in the 21st century.

What if you can integrate these kinds of things into your website? It could actually be quite beneficial, especially if you have a remote development team for the site.

Today, we’re going to show you how to have Telegram help you manage a team or even share instant messages to visitors of your site.

What Exactly Can Telegram Do For You?


Telegram is a platform that takes messaging to greater levels. It is a Cloud-based system that connects a wide scope of devices instantly. For example, messages you send on your smartphone will update to your desktop computer and tablet simultaneously.

But, there are many systems that do that. What makes this one better than the rest? Because it acts like a combination of SMS text messaging and email rolled into one application.

From highly secured one-on-one messages to broadcasting content to an unlimited number of people, Telegram offers more than just a messaging system. It can be a way to engage a team environment or a wide audience in a safe and secure way.

What Can Telegram Do for a WordPress Website?

Because it is such an interactive application, many are turning to it as a way to communicate with remote teams. If you have a working environment where your website contributors are located in other areas of the world, Telegram can help.

This allows you to send messages and files to those who matter. These can be messages to colleagues, private groups or even broadcasting to channels for all to see.

Because of Telegram’s abilities to broadcast, it can be a useful tool in terms of marketing. Think of it as an extension of your social media marketing campaign. By opening your updates to the public, virtually anyone on the telegram system can access the new posts you create almost instantly.

Installing Telegram into Your WordPress Website


For this tutorial, we’re going to use the Telegram for WP plugin. You can do this easily from the “Plugins” area of your WordPress dashboard by adding it as a new plugin. It may be one of the best plugins to use for setting up Telegram on your site.

Once this plugin is installed and activated, it will place a new control in the WordPress dashboard labeled, “TWP Settings.” Clicking this will take you to the settings page for integrating the app into your website.

Setting Up Telegram

To use this, and any other Telegram plugin, you need to have an account. This can be done from a wide variety of devices from smarpthones to using the web-based application. For this example, we’re going to focus on the website registration. To create a new account:

Step 1: Go to the website.

Step 2: Scroll down a bit on the main screen until you see the “Telegram Web-version” link and click it.

telegram web version

Step 3: This will take you to the registration screen and will ask you for your phone number.

sign in

Step 4: Once you have filled out your phone number, Telegram will send you an instant message with a verification code.

Step 5: Enter this code into the Telegram registration.


Step 6: It will then ask you for your full name. Once you have provided this information, the Telegram dashboard will appear.


Step 7: Click the “Open Settings” button on the right hand side of your screen.


Step 8: From this screen, you’re able to “Set username” for the account. Use something that is easy to identify if you don’t want to use your full name.


Step 9: When trying to enter a username, the field will be red if it’s already in use and will turn blue if it’s unique. Once you have a username, click the “Save” link on the bottom right.

change username

Optional: You also have the ability to add a photo for the account, change notifications and how the “enter” button reacts when typing a message.

Step 10: Once you are done managing the settings, click the “Close” near the top right.

Step 11: Now that your account on Telegram is active, go back to the WordPress “TWP Settings” and click on the “@Notifcaster_Bot” link.

notifcaster bot

Step 12: The Telegram window will open and the bot will send you an API key to be copied. Copy this key and past it into the “API Token” field in WordPress.


Step 13: Click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom left of the settings page in WordPress.

If you are unaware how API keys work, they are much different than WordPress security keys. However, they do work similar in that they provide security from people taking advantage of your website or the chat application.

You may also want to note that it may take the Notifcaster_Bot a few minutes to send you the API key.

How to Get Telegram to Work for You


Once you are done setting up the Telegram account, you will then be able to receive notifications from WordPress. Essentially, installing the system across all of the devices you use will keep you updated anytime there is a change to your website.

What if you want to send those notifications to a group of users?

If you have more than one administrator working on your website, using a group may be more beneficial. This way, everyone involved is capable of keeping up with changes to the site in real-time.

Go to the Telegram website, click on the settings for the app in the top left of the screen and click “New Group.” A new window will appear where you add people from your contacts list. You can add more people by clicking the “add new contact” link near the center of the screen. At which point, you will need to enter in the recipient’s name and phone number.

Once the group has been created, Telegram will then provide you with a new API key. Copy and paste this key into the plugin settings instead of the one provided in the instructions above.

What if you want to send WordPress posts to a channel?

Channels can be a great way to engage an audience or broadcasting chats in a private setting. This can be a great way to share content with the outside world or through a company-wide intranet. What’s more is that these channels can act as chat rooms allowing visitors to interact.

Creating a new channel can only be done from iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating systems. It is not available on the web-based application as of this tutorial.

This means you will need to install the app on your mobile device to set up a channel. To do this:

  • Tap the Telegram settings of your app on the top left side of the display. Tap the “Create Channel” that appears in the list. You will need to provide the name of the channel as well as a short description. Next, you will need to decide whether this is a public or private channel. Telegram will then provide you with the link URL that you will give to users in order to join.
  • If this is a public channel, you can choose the text within the URL for easy access. For example, you could name it: “”
  • When creating any channel, you need to add at least one person. This will most likely be someone from your contact list.
  • Once the channel has been fully created, you will need to open a new private chat with “BotFather.” In the chat window, you’ll need to type in “/newbot” in order to create a bot for your chat room. You will need a name and a username for this new bot. Once you have done this, Telegram will provide you with a new API key for the channel. Use this information to fill out the “Post to Channel” tab in Telegram’s settings in WordPress.
  • From the settings in WordPress, you can control how Telegram posts content as default. Things like sending status, formatting and excerpt lengths can all be identified in this screen.
  • You will also notice that Telegram installed an additional segment when creating posts in WordPress. This will also give you a bit of control in how content is shared on the app.

Telegram is a great system to use whether you’re engaging your website team or marketing to visitors. Because the platform is built on security and capable of supporting a wide range of file types, it can easily fit into most business platforms. When more than one person is governing over your website, communication is key to prevent problems down the road. Plugins such as Telegram can help ease that confusion.

What kind of tools do you implement for your admins in WordPress? How often would something like Telegram be useful in your business dynamic?

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  1. Is it possible to do opposite?
    To sent posts from telegram to WordPress?

    managing telegram is much easier than managing WordPress admin panel.
    in some case you don’t have pc access and would be easy to send new post to your blog directly from your smartphone. isn’t it?

  2. The plugin mentioned in the tutorial no more works 🙁
    Please update your tutorial. I found a better and more popular plugin for the job

  3. Michael Phillips, yes that’s the plugin I was referring to…

    1. Thanks! We’re in the process of updating our WordPress tutorials to make sure everything works with WordPress 5.x, so this article will be updated soon.

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