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How to Send a WordPress Email for a Post Pending Review

Managing a blog or site with multiple authors and contributors requires you to be more proactive when things are available. In this instance, it’s convenient to have WordPress email you when a post is pending review. This way, you can stay on top of productivity and keep the site flowing well for visitors.

The faster you’re able to respond to instances like this, the faster posts are published.

Email notifications are a good way to keep tabs on your site, whether it’s user interaction or updates. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to set up WordPress email when a post is pending review. As soon as one of your authors clicks the “Submit for Review” button, you’ll be notified.

Using Pending Submission Notifications

Today, I’m demonstrating the Pending Submission Notifications plugin. It’s a very simple tool that is easy to install and set up. Once it goes live, you’ll receive updates any time someone submits an article to be published.

Install and activate Pending Submission Notifications.

Pending Submission Notifications

Go to settings and click, “Pending Submission Notifications.”

PSN Settings

Input your email address and click, “Save Changes.”

Save Changes

Once you save the address, you’ll receive WordPress email notifications when someone submits a new post.

Other Plugins to Consider

WordPress is full of plugins that make development much easier. From post status notifications to user control, having a handle of what your authors contribute keeps the site safe and efficient.

Here are a few other plugins you may want to consider installing.

User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts

Perhaps you don’t have a team of authors but want visitors to contribute? User Submitted Posts has a lot of features available to publish content. It has built-in reCAPTCHA, challenge questions and a variety of other tools. Among them is the ability to send email for posts pending review.


Hey Publisher

HeyPublisher is another plugin that focuses on user-created content. It allows submissions and holds them for review until you have a chance to read through the posts. It comes with the ability to create custom emails for the authors regarding their submissions. In this instance, it sends post notification email to the creator.

Better Notifications

Better Notifications

Better Notifications is a great tool for maintaining a site. One of the highlights to this tool is using the WordPress editor and shortcodes to customize the email messages. It’s also flexible enough to allow notifications for multiple users or those who belong to a specific custom user role in WordPress.

Exploring Possibilities with WordPress

WordPress hosting opens the door to a variety of opportunities. From pending review emails to redacting text in a post, the system is quite flexible. Find the right tools to accentuate your site and make development easier on yourself.

What kind of tools have you added to WordPress to make being the admin easier? Would you consider allowing users to submit content, and why?

Author: Kaumil Patel

Kaumil Patel is the Chief Operating Officer of GreenGeeks and has over 13 years of experience in the web hosting industry working for and owning web hosting companies. Kaumil’s expertise is in marketing, business development, operations, acquisitions and mergers.

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