How to Use Social Media to Boost Email Subscribers in WordPress

Have you ever wondered why email subscribers are so important to companies? It’s very simple, for a very small cost you can make more than ten times the profit on every dollar spent on emails. Email marketing is a direct way to communicate with your subscribers and can be filled with advertisements, deals, and extra services offered by the company or website.

If you want to use social media to increase email subscribers for your WordPress website you may be disappointed to find out there is no plugin that can get everyone to subscribe to you. Today I will explain some key points to follow to learn how to boost email subscribers in WordPress.

Where do Emails Fit into Your Marketing Campaign

Your website should always have a clear marketing campaign and its size will definitely vary depending on staff sizes. Most websites will create a marketing team and a large part of their work will be related to social media. Social media has the largest audience to advertise to and gain recognition for your website. In order to use social media to boost email subscribers, you’re going to have to have a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

The more spread out you are the better it is. Each major social media platform does things differently and you will need a different marketing strategy that uses the unique features of each platform to your advantage. Obviously, this does not happen overnight and it takes time to create a social media presence, but it is crucial to have one. Trying to incorporate a strategy to boost email subscribers should be the natural progression of your social media campaign.

How to Use Social Media to Boost Email Subscribers in WordPress

Today I will give advice on how you can use social media to boost email subscribers in WordPress. There is no one in all plugin that do this and I will mention some throughout this guide, but you will need to have created a social media presence to start using these tips to help you.

There is an important matter to consider before even starting. You’re going to need an email marketing service. This is a service that will help you manage all of these emails. Getting subscribers is pointless and here are 14 email marketing services I can recommend looking into. If you are just starting out though I would highly recommend looking into Mail Chimp because of their free New Business plan.

It is also really important to note that many visitors have become very hesitant to give out their email addresses. This means you really need your emails and advertisement to be worth their time. Most websites will offer coupons or special deals that can really help sweeten the deal for them. Just think when is the last time you subscribed to something when you got no engagement or reward out of?

Once you have chosen one of the many email marketing services to help manage these emails, you’re still missing subscribers to receive these. The first place to start gathering subscribers is on your social media pages. It is important is to use your own social media presence to start building email subscribers.



Facebook is home to hundreds of millions of visitors and is currently the most popular platform to advertise on. The best part is your website can directly link and share events from Facebook. On the opposite end, Facebook gives you the tools to add a link to an email subscription sign up page. This will directly allow you to turn all of your followers on Facebook into email subscribers.

You will also want to take advantage of Facebook’s  Ads to help promote your website. This might already be a priority in your campaign and if it’s not, you need to make it one. Facebook has a very large audience and not advertising on Facebook is a huge mistake. One particularly useful tool I can recommend is the Facebook Pixel because it helps retarget visitors of your Facebook page with your own Ads.



YouTube a giant and depending on the nature of your website and how many resources you choose to throw at creating video content it can greatly affect how effective this platform is for your website. If you do have subscribers and update YouTube regularly then you might want to start including links to an email subscription in every video and even remind them at the end of a video.



Twitter is another juggernaut in the social media presence of any company. If you have followers, try to customize your twitter ads to lead to an email subscription. Don’t forget the most obvious, which is to tweet to your followers about your email subscription. Getting the word out to as many people as possible is key. If you convince one person, then people that person knows or interacts with will be aware and this information will start spreading.

Other Social Medias

Instagram & Pinterest

As I’m sure you may have noticed already the key is using pre-existing social media pages and presences to draw in those followers to subscribe to emails. This approach is used on all of the platforms possible. Two very large platforms are Instagram and Pinterest. Simply follow the same rules of giving them a reason to subscribe by offering some deal or reward for signing up and advertise that it exists. Whichever platforms your business uses doesn’t matter but make sure you are fully utilizing the ones you are using.

Form Partnerships and Ask Your Community to Spread the Word

The most powerful tool you may have when beginning is information or advertisement by your visitors themselves. Of course, if they don’t know you need help they might not be inclined or remember to mention you. Create incentives for referring people to your email subscriptions. Rewards really help give people incentive to help your business.

You might also consider asking other similarly sized and positioned websites to advertise for each other. If you are not direct competition you can really get advertisement in areas you may not have been able to get else where. There is no golden guide that will guarantee you success and it’s important to try as many reasonable ideas as possible to build a successful website.

Always Give Incentives

Humans are always driven by self-interest. While it might not be the nicest thing to say, it is very true and adding incentives can generate plenty of subscribers quickly. Yes, you do face the issue of people taking the rewards and adding your email to the spam folder, but every business faces this. The key is to create an engaging email that has the right balance of advertisement and shows off engaging content that your website is working on or has produced.

Remember you don’t want your emails to feel like a mass of ads and sales pitches. If you follow that rule then your subscribers are more likely to stay subscribed and read through your emails. Also, remember that all of this is a wasted effort if you don’t gain subscribers so advertising on popular social media sites can really help promote your WordPress site and boost you email subscribers.

Did your marketing strategies change after deciding to add an email subscription to your WordPress website? What has worked best for your website to bring in the most subscribers?

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