Live: November 18 at 11:00 AM PT

Invoicing and You: Getting Paid, WordPress Tools, and Making Happy Clients

by Guest Speaker Mike Demo

Lead Hand Shaker, Web Ventures

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We all need to get paid. What are the best ways and policies when creating an invoice to ensure you get paid on time? We can’t serve our clients if we are not in business. Learning useful strategies on invoice and collection will help us continue to serve our clients. We will review WordPress invoicing plugins. We will then compare these plugins to manual invoicing and other SaaS solutions. This talk will dive into some simple ideas you can implement to keep the cash flow flowing.

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Webinar Discussion Topics

What you will learn in this Webinar

Invoice Basics

We will review the basics of invoice policies and payment terms. What terms make sense for you and your business?

Invoice WordPress Plugins

We will show you how to set up, secure, and use some of the most popular WordPress invoicing plugins. We will then compare these plugins to manual invoicing and other SaaS solutions.

How to get paid & Payment methods

As the saying goes, ‘F%*@ You, Pay Me.’ How do you make sure you get paid on time, every time? We will cover debt collection methods you can do yourself. Lastly, we will cover the different ways you can get paid while examining the pros and cons of each.


What types of contracts do you need to protect yourself and your business? How do you write these contracts?

Found Money

What are easy ways you can get extra cash with every new client without any additional work? We will review the top methods to earn additional revenue that your clients will thank you for.


What if the worst happens and you don’t get paid? What can you do? The internet has a lot of bad advice that can get you into legal hot water.

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