Sometimes users will experience connection problems to your server. When these problems are reported, the first thing you should check is your server’s firewall.

In order to investigate, you must first obtain the user’s IP Address. To get their IP, instruct them to navigate to and provide you with the IP shown at the top of the page.

    1. First you will need to log in to Web Host Manager. Should you be a GreenGeeks Customer, this can be accomplished from inside your GreenGeeks Account Manager.
    2. Once logged in, click on “Plugins” followed by “ConfigServer Security & Firewall”.
    3. Next, scroll down to the ConfigServer Firewall section. Here you will see a number of different options for managing IP addresses.
    4. Look for the “Search for IP” option. Enter the IP address provided to you and click on the “Search for IP” button.
      1. You will receive either a confirmation that the IP Address was blocked, including the reason, or confirmation that the IP is not blacklisted.
    5. To unblock the IP Address, simply click the gold lock icon. This will provide you with a completion message confirming the IP was unblocked.

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