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What Are the GreenGeeks Name Servers (DNS)?

The GreenGeeks name server (DNS) settings are:

Primary: chi-ns1.greengeeks.com (
Secondary: chi-ns2.greengeeks.com (

Changing the DNS settings for your domain name at the registrar where you purchased the domain is typically a fairly simple process. The registrar should have a control panel where you can change the name servers for a domain. The setting is often called “custom name servers” or something similar. Locate that setting and update the name servers with the DNS settings above. If there are additional fields beyond the primary and secondary name servers, you can leave those blank.

If you run into any problems updating the name servers for your domain, contact the registrar or hosting company where you purchased the domain and ask them to update the name server records for you. If a registrar or hosting company refuses to update the name server records for your domain, please let us know and we will try to assist.

Remember, with our reseller hosting services you can get your own custom name servers.

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  1. Could I also create A Records at my domain registrar that point to the GreenGeeks name server primary and secondary IP addresses?

    Still learning about DNS and curious which is best.

  2. An A record wouldn’t point to a nameserver. The A record (typically) points to a web server IP.

    If your site is on a shared server, where many domains may share a single IP address, setting up an A record at the registrar to point to the server IP won’t work. The host has to do certain configuration so the domain resolves to the proper site on the shared server.

  3. How soon should I expect to be able to navigate to my GG hosted url after updating the DNS servers at my registrar?

  4. You’re right. But chi-ns*.greengeeks.com is the same server as ns*.greengeeks.com. So using either will work.

    I’ll see if we can’t standardize the name server information though. Thanks.

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