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“Our promise to you is that we will never accept any project if the deadline or quality can not be met.”

AppWT LLC was founded in February of 2020 just prior to the COVID Pandemic, as a family-owned, family-operated, and eco-friendly Michigan-based American Company.

AppWT stands for “Applications, Websites, and Technology”.

We are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We host and create custom, modern, responsive, and cutting-edge websites. We also offer Graphic Design, Logo Design, Digital Marketing, and Video Production.

Tony P., the Founder from the East Side of Flint in Michigan, is a Native Michigander, Dad, Husband, Home Owner, and has two-decades of experience. He has ongoing support from his Wife (Emily P.), Best Friend (Aaron W.), Schoolmates (Robert B.) (Shawne J.), and several professionals in the industry as needed for larger projects.

Originally AppWT LLC was licensed in Livonia with the intention of having a physical location, but in the Post COVID Pandemic World we instead work 100% remotely, conducting most business and training online, but also having access to over a dozen business locations throughout Michigan for in-person training as needed, which covers all 83 Counties in Michigan.

We ask that you please consider us for your next project. Why!? We invest in the people before the profit, since we work remotely we can keep our prices affordable, and we spend our free time volunteering for causes such as with the Jaycees. All our efforts focus on us helping each person contribute to their community while achieving their personal and professional goals.


Owner, Lisa Sedan Service – “AppWT LLC has been helpful in making my business functional and streamlined.”; Owner, Artistic Permanent Makeup & Esthetics – “AppWT LLC truly cares about the success of my business, and it shows in the website they made for us.”; Team Leader, Great Lakes Ghost Hunters – “Contact them and tell them what you want. AppWT will try to put it together for you.”; CEO, Retail Company – “AppWT has been doing such a great job with the website.”; Owner, Uncle Harry’s BBQ Catering Company – “The personal touch sets them apart. They truly care about us and our success.”; Owner, Eddy’s Family Dining – “They had a lot of patients and knowledge.”; National Sales Manager, Contract Manufacturer – “The project was successful and was handled in a timely manner.”; Entertainment Manager, Genot Picor Storyteller – “His expertise is unrivaled.”.