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B4it is an IT service company that supports you (individuals, professionals and companies) in the realization and realization of your projects. The computer field can be very abstract. Thanks to our personalized approach, we guide and advise you in the choice of the solutions available to you. • Our services : IT support: we help you with the purchase, installation and maintenance of your IT tools. Network & Cloud installation: maintaining a protected network as well as storing your data are two very important elements. We’ll make it easy for you to install and save money in the long run. Web design: An attractive website with your personal touch, based on the goals and vision of your business, will generate an increase in requests and sales. SEO: Search engine optimization is imperative to ensure better visibility of your business. Using this approach, we will work with you to organically improve the number of visits from potential new customers to your website. Pay-Per-Click: A digital advertising campaign with a specific objective will increase your sales and attract new customers. Quick Fix: Always on the go, don’t have time to part with your computer? We can assist you remotely or we come to your place!


There’s no way to say this other than Jordy is an IT wiz. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called him after having tried to solve an issue for hours, sometimes days, only to have him fix it in 2 minutes. No matter what the IT problem is, complex or not, Jordy is your go-to guy. I’d recommend him to anyone in a New York minute!