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PagePipe is a leading debunker of mass misconceptions surrounding page speed. Our specialty is building mobile-first WordPress websites. We curate content about WordPress performance optimization. Our obsession is mobile page speed. That differentiates us from other web developers.


“My site went from loading in over 4 seconds to loading in under 2 seconds. Steve’s recommended changes in hosting and plugins save me over $500 every year.” The Tool Merchants Oregon, USA “I paid between $400 and $650 a month for SEO services promising me ‘first page on Google’ that actually harmed my website’s visibility in search. They even tried to dupe users of a more popular site to visit mine! Now that I don’t pay for SEO and only focus on delivering audience-friendly content my site legitimately rivals that site.” Walkerville Vet Australia Plugin Clones “Thanks to your e-book issue #2, FLY.ME, I made my WordPress site even faster than using Hummingbird Pro. That’s why I’m canceling my Hummingbird Pro membership.” Frankfurt, Germany “I hired several WordPress ‘speed experts’ before and all failed to achieve decent results. Steve is an expert in his field. His advice helped me understand what was slowing down my website and fix it permanently. My site used to take 5 to 7 seconds to load – and after Steve worked his magic – it now loads in less than 1 second. Thank you!” Hamburg, Germany “I am very impressed by your professionalism. I will definitely put forward your services on the “Authority Hacker” Facebook group where I heard from you in the first place.” Angers, France Plugin Clones “I’m a non-programmer and have been breaking my head trying to figure out the slow performance of my site. I found my answer stumbling upon your blog and also saved me $$$ from buying pro versions of plugins. Thanks a ton for your efforts.” India “I’m absolutely delighted and I wouldn’t have got anywhere near the 1-second load time without your guidance, so I’m eternally grateful.” United Kingdom … Facebook Mastermind Group just referenced your blog in talking about WP themes … Best quote he said, “Here’s an interesting site on WordPress speed: Warning: he’s got some controversial ideas.” Thought you’d like that! Lilypad Media LLC, North Carolina, USA “Steve, you are a gent and a scholar. Thanks for your time and feedback. You are definitely right about speed inconsistencies with free Cloudflare!”, Portugal “Your site is the only one I’ve found that seems to take a serious approach to make a WordPress site fast. Everyone talks about the Yoast plugin, fast hosting, CloudFlare, but I haven’t read about time to first byte, image compression or similar subjects elsewhere.” Texas, USA “That’s very helpful. What a thorough speed report. I already implemented some of these changes. Thank You, Steve!”, Tiberius, Israel “Hi, Steve. Thank you very much for the elaborate speed report. I’ll implement your suggestions and spread the word about your amazing service.”, Guernsey, UK “To be honest, I didn’t expect much in the way of a reply but what I got was truly astonishing. He is a genius at what he does, as honest as they come and one of the last really good guys. If you need help with your WordPress site, try Steve first. You won’t need to look any further!” Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA “Steve, many thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. I have to now seriously look at ways to speed up the site and what is relevant content for the mobile market. My Google analytics show 75/25 in favour of mobile/tablet users.” London “Hi Steve, Thank you so much for that insightful speed review! I appreciate the time you took to explain the issue of the website I’m working on. I’ll be looking into some of the recommendations you have and advice that you have given.”, Singapore “Thank you so much for the thorough speed review and fast response. We truly appreciate your honesty and taking the time to direct us in the right direction.” Anaheim, CA, USA “I have been searching for years to find the most accurate information available on WordPress speed optimization but I was never able to get my site fast enough. I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon PagePipe which seemed to have a lot of information that no one was talking about, but it made so much sense.” North Carolina, USA “I’m so thankful to you, Steve for helping me throughout. That page loads very fast.” Mumbai, Maharashtra, India “Bloat was out, lean and speedy sites on multiple platforms with easy editing was the new target. Steve hit the bullseye with our new WordPress sites … Give Steve a call if you’re serious about a highly effective website for your business or organization.” Washington, USA “You helped me see a whole different side of WordPress. Thanks for all the great information you provide for free. I kind of feel like I found a diamond in the sea.” AwesomeDetect Far-West Baitadi, Nepal Plugin Clones “With Steve’s hard questions, fast answers, and his analytical approach, I reduced the load-time from 6-7 seconds to less than 2 seconds – and sometimes to 500 milliseconds at various portions of my blog. ” Gurgaon (near New Delhi India) “My website became awesomely fast AND looks great too. … I’ve learnt what to look out for in choosing a fast loading WordPress theme. And what plugins to use to meet speed, security, SEO and other requirements. I’ve also learnt how to customise a WordPress theme to meet my own design criteria. Steve patiently coached me through the whole process. He helped me to think creatively about every aspect of my website project, including my design and marketing objectives. ” Plymouth, Devon, England