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Seahawk was founded in 2015 by Ryan Hussey in Wilmington, North Carolina. What started as a side hustle while attending college later flourished into a marketing company focused on WordPress. During this time the internet was expanding rapidly. WordPress encompassed over 33% of the entire web and DIY website builders were on the rise. Ryan stayed true to his belief in the power of WordPress as an open source platform.

Seahawk went on to partner with GoDaddy, the largest hosting provider in the world. In 2019, Gautam Khorana was running a top GoDaddy partner company in India, which led to him meeting Ryan. After working together for quite some time, Seahawk acquired Gautam’s company. Gautam joined Seahawk as a co-founder.

Today, Seahawk serves thousands of customers across the globe. Seahawk continues to grow rapidly and open locations in every WeWork.