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OK I have held off on writing anything about this company yet because it honestly felt like it was too good to be true – the back story:

We’d talked to a LOT of SEO companies. We had a very specific task that no one could quite figure out how to make happen. We were getting very discouraged and were about ready to give up.

Reaching out to another company was a long shot – but we aren’t really quitters so we gave it one more try. I AM SO GLAD WE DID!! Because as of today, the task that many others said was “impossible” and “a real stretch” was handled by the Search3w team in a matter of weeks.

The process with our rep was simple and straightforward – he told us what he needed us to provide in terms of data and other information/collateral, we did and he went to work. He quoted us a fair price and that was the price we were charged. (crazy, right?)

Side note: some asshat hit my car in a parking lot this week and getting this done has made me not even MAD about that anymore, because if a dent on my bumper was what the universe needed in sacrifice for getting this done, SO BE IT.

I’ll be sticking with these guys for SEO issues for the foreseeable future.