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1. Claudine: Excellent Professional work done with great attention to details. Will definitely work with Aquasar in the near future. I highly recommend. BTW such a patient guy!

2. New Barber: New Website is up! Very happy!

3. Adbel: So happy I had the opportunity to meet this gentleman, job was done exactly how I wanted it on exactly the time frame promised. Answered my calls every time, I could not be happier. Not only that with all that he has done I am seeing more traffic by the day and reaching people across town that I could not have even dreamed of reaching. When I ask clients how you heard about me and I hear the same response it really proves I still know how to pick my services and read people as good as I did in the 90’s. Great job at an amazing price. For the 100 th time ….. thank you fella

4. Dev Great service and very knowledgeable! Alex helped us with our website and Google and FB Ads and continues to do an amazing job