Google’s New AI Update and How to Take Advantage of It

Webinar Date: July 17, 2024 at 11:00 AM PT
Pam Aungst Cronin, President, Pam Ann Marketing

Google has officially rolled out “AI Overviews”, a feature that adds AI-generated answers to the top of search results. Some have declared that this will render SEO “dead”, but others view it as an opportunity. In this webinar, you’ll learn all about AI Overviews, including how you should adjust your SEO strategy to reduce the risk of lost traffic and take advantage of this new “position” in search results.

What You’ll Learn:

  • AI Overviews: What they are and how they work
  • The potential impact of AI Overviews on your website traffic and SEO strategy
  • How to optimize your content for AI Overviews

Our Presenters

We love what we do! Our GreenGeeks Webinar team is composed of people who are very passionate and driven when it comes to helping others out. We have given MeetUp Seminars, WordCamp talks and now, we are ready to give our loyal customers knowledge acquired through years of experience via our Webinars!

Marco Berrocal

Partners Team

Anna Gargioni

WordPress Community Director

Ericka Barboza

Partners Team

Frequently Asked Questions.

Some Q&A’s About Our Webinar

Q: How much is the Webinar to attend?

A: This webinar is free. There is no cost to attend.

Q: Where is this Webinar going to take place?

A: The Webinar is going to be live streaming on Zoom, so all you need to do is sign up and we will send you the link.

Q: Why are you doing this for free?

A: We believe a lot in helping our community grow. It’s our hope that you find value in our content to help you build strategies for continued success.

Q: Do I need to be a GreenGeeks customer to attend?

A: No, you don’t need to have a GreenGeeks hosting account and domain name. We just need you to confirm your seat, though.

Q: What do I need to attend?

A: Enthusiasm! Bring along excitement to learn and grow as we share everything you need to know to be successful in your adventures.

Q: I am interested. Where do I sign up?

A: We need you to register your seat by clicking the Reserve My Seat Button. This is so we can send you a link for the Webinar once you confirm your spot. It’s that easy.

Q: I am interested, but I cannot attend.

A: If you cannot make it, we will send you a link so you can view the webinar when you have time available.

Q: Who can I contact to get updates once I have signed up?

A: You can contact Anna Gargioni.

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