The Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2023

Webinar Date: August 16, 2023 at 11:00 AM PT
Marco Berrocal, Partner Relations at GreenGeeks

WordPress is the most popular content management system today right out of the box. What makes the platform even better is the selection of available plugins. I previously said that they are the true workhorses for WordPress because they are the ones that do the work you need outside of the basic system.
What work? It can be anything including performance, security, utilities, aesthetics…you name it. If there is a task that needs to be done, a plugin is the piece of code you are going to rely upon in most cases.
In this webinar, we are going to discuss plugins. That includes which ones to use, why use them, and how they work. It can’t get any better than this. By the time you finish the webinar, you will have an even better picture of what you must have on your website in order to make it thrive even more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are Plugins?
  • What Plugins Do I Need?
  • How Do I Pick the Right One?
  • Which Ones Do You Recommend?

You can watch a recording of the webinar below:

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