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What is a Featured Image in WordPress?

A featured image is simply an image that represents the post or page. It’s usually displayed at the top of the content area. You can add a featured image to a post or page by going to the “Edit” screen and clicking on the “Featured Image” link in the sidebar.

How to Set a Featured Image in WordPress

For webmasters and site owners using WordPress, setting a featured image for posts can boost engagement and make the content more appealing to visitors.

In addition, the featured image will be displayed prominently in content listings such as the blog page, category page, and search results page.

This is because it gives readers a thumbnail preview of a particular post’s subject matter, giving them an overview of the article before exploring further.

Also, setting up a featured image in WordPress is straightforward; navigate to the featured image panel on the post editor and upload an applicable graphic that closely represents the post topic.

This can be done any time before or after writing your post; some even prefer setting the featured image first before they begin writing as it sets their direction while crafting the article content.

Once uploaded and saved, this selected image should also appear when sharing your posts on various social networks.

Best Practices for Choosing a Featured Image in WordPress

When it comes to choosing a featured image in WordPress, there are several best practices to consider.

  • Pick an image that is eye-catching and relevant to your content, as this will help draw more readers.
  • Additionally, use an image with a relatively small file size so it won’t slow down your page loading time.
  • Alternatively, create a custom graphic such as a chart or meme for maximum impact on viewers.
  • Finally, make sure the chosen image follows all copyright laws; if you’re unsure of the source of an image, find a free alternative.

Following these guidelines ensures an effective featured image that conveys your message and looks great across devices.

Why You Should Have a Good Featured Image on Your Blog Post or Page

Great visuals are an essential part of engaging and successful blogging. A good featured image on your blog post or page is crucial for grabbing readers’ attention and influencing how search engines perceive it.

An eye-catching, relevant featured image can help draw people in, increasing views and boosting SEO ranking. The featured image must be relevant to the topic of your blog post or page so that it serves its purpose as a visual representation effectively.

If you want to stand out in the crowded world of digital content today, then having a great featured image is key.

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