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How to Make Your WordPress Site Accessible

by Joe A Simpson Jr
Front-end Web Developer and Section 508/Accessibility Advocate, Metro (Los Angeles)
How do you begin your journey with Accessibility? Join Make WordPress Accessibility Team Rep and WordPress Community Organizer Joe A Simpson Jr as we look at the five key things EVERY ‘a11y’ advocate should know. During this session, we’ll cover the basics of Accessibility with the beginner in mind by looking at 5 key subjects every advocate should have in their tool chest. Here we’ll cover the history of WCAG and its positive impact on how businesses provide website information to all customers, how to handle images, videos, choosing a theme the right way, and website building in WordPress with a focus on Accessibility. – Why Accessibility should matter to you? – What are common mistakes people make when building their websites? – How to use basic WordPress (Accessibility-ready themes, plugins, Accessibility statement, plugins, etc) and browser tools to test your work.

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What you will learn in this Webinar

WordPress Accessibility

Theme and Plugin Repository

Media Asset Accessibility


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Some Q&A’s About Our Webinar

How much is the Webinar to attend?

This webinar is free. There is no cost to attend.

Where is this Webinar going to take place?

The Webinar is going to be live streaming on Zoom, so all you need to do is sign up and we will send you the link.

Why are you doing this for free?

We believe a lot in helping our community grow. It’s our hope that you find value in our content to help you build strategies for continued success.

Do I need to be a GreenGeeks customer to attend?

No, you don’t need to have a GreenGeeks hosting account and domain name. We just need you to confirm your seat, though.

What do I need to attend?

Enthusiasm! Bring along excitement to learn and grow as we share everything you need to know to be successful in your adventures.

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We need you to register your seat by clicking the Reserve My Seat Button. This is so we can send you a link for the Webinar once you confirm your spot. It’s that easy.

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You can contact Anna Gargioni.

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