The following are domain pricing at GreenGeeks as of January, 2014.

Free Domain for Life
All of our shared hosting plans that are prepaid on a 1, 2, or 3 year plan include a free domain for life. As long as you are a customer with us, we will continue to register this domain for you. We value free domain registrations/renewals/transfers at the current offered rate (found in the table below). Additionally included with all of our domains is our premium domain management system valued at $15/yr.

Additional Domain Pricing
For additional domains the cost is:

Domain Extension Registration Price Transfer Price Renewal Price ID Protect
.com $13.95/year $13.95/year $13.95/year $9.95/year
.net $13.95/year $13.95/year $13.95/year $9.95/year
.org $13.95/year $13.95/year $13.95/year $9.95/year
.biz $13.95/year $13.95/year $13.95/year $9.95/year
.info $13.95/year $13.95/year $13.95/year $9.95/year
.us $18.95/year $18.95/year $18.95/year not available
.ca $18.95/year $18.95/year $18.95/year not available

How to order
You can order these domains by opening up a support ticket in your account manager for the sales department. Our sales representatives will process the domain registration or transfer for you. If you are looking to transfer the domain to us, please provide us with the EPP code, ensure the domain is unlocked, and that an email address that you regularly check is on the registration information for the domain.

Note: Domain Registrations, Renewals & Transfers are non refundable.

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