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Canceling Prior to Your Account Renewal Date

Per our Terms Of Service, all GreenGeeks accounts auto-renew. We do not issue refunds for account renewal charges.

Your obligations:

  • Know your account renewal date. We send an email before your renewal date to let you know that your account is coming up for renewal. You can also see the due date in GreenGeeks (My Services > My Hosting Services > Next Due Date).
  • Make sure we always have a valid email address. Should your email address change, it can be updated any time in GreenGeeks (Hello, [your name] > Edit Profile > Email Address).
  • Make sure you can receive email from us. If possible, whitelist the domain name in your email program so you never miss an important message about your account.

To Prevent Automatic Account Renewal

If you intend to cancel your account or stop the renewal of the account, you must submit a cancellation request form seven (7) business days before the account renewal date.

  • Ensure we receive the cancellation request. You should receive an email receipt of your request. If you do not receive an email receipt of your request, please contact us.
  • When we have reviewed your cancellation request, we will send you an email asking you to confirm the cancellation. You must confirm the cancellation request by replying to the cancelation confirmation email (do not alter the subject line of the email). Your cancellation request confirmation must be received by GreenGeeks at least five (5) business days before the renewal date.
  • Make sure all of the information in the cancellation request matches the information we have on file, including your name, primary domain, and email address. CANCELLATION REQUESTS RECEIVED FROM AN EMAIL ADDRESS OTHER THAN THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE ACCOUNT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

If you fail to submit and confirm the cancellation request form as outlined above, we cannot guarantee that your credit card or PayPal account will not be charged.

If you submit the cancellation request form before the renewal date, but less than seven (7) business days before the renewal date or confirm the cancellation request before the renewal date but less than five (5) business days before the renewal date resulting in your credit card or PayPal account being automatically charged, we will issue a refund. However, if a domain name automatically renews as the result of a cancellation request being made less than seven (7) business days before the renewal date, or a cancelation confirmation being made less than five (5) business days before the renewal date, the cost of the domain renewal will be deducted from any refund. We will send instructions for continuing the use the domain name after your cancellation request has been processed.

The 30-day money back guarantee applies only to the start date (sign up date) of your service and does not apply to service renewals.  Day one is the day the account was opened (sign up date), day two is the following day, etc. GreenGeeks does not issue refunds for cancellations that take place after the 30 day trial period has ended.

If you have any questions regarding our cancellation policy, please open a ticket with the billing department in GreenGeeks.

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    1. Hi Catherine,

      Yes, you can. Simply contact our billing team and they will help you with this.

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