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Getting Started: How to View Payment History and Billing

You can easily view your payment history and billing details directly in GreenGeeks. When you click on any item you will be able to see the invoice number, invoice date, due date, status, details, and amount.

View Payment and Billing History

Log in to GreenGeeks.

Account Manager Login

Once inside GreenGeeks, you can easily view your billing and payment history by clicking on your account icon located on the top right of the screen.

This will bring a dropdown menu out and you will click on “Billing.”

Drop Down Click Billing

This will take you to the payment, invoice, and billing section of GreenGeeks. You will see a list of all your invoices and payments there. Click on any invoice to view.

Invoice List

View Full Account Details

You can also view your full account details easily as well. From inside GreenGeeks, click on the “View Details” button.

View Details

From here, you can view full account details and easily move around to anything you want.

Please Contact Support if you still have trouble with something and we will be happy to assist you.

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