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Getting Started: Transfer Your Domain Name to GreenGeeks

If you initially registered your domain name with another host or a domain registrar, you can transfer the domain to GreenGeeks, so all of your website management and billing is in a single account.

Transferring a domain name to GreenGeeks is a relatively easy task. But a few requirements must be met before any domain transfer can be done. We’ll take you through the steps to make sure your domain is ready.

First, a couple of questions:

Has the domain been registered for at least 60 days? A domain is not eligible for transfer until 60 days after initial registration.

Is the domain expired or close to the expiration date? GreenGeeks recommends any domain that has less than 2 weeks prior to expiration be renewed with the existing registrar before beginning the domain transfer process.

If you start a transfer the day before the domain expires, it will still complete the transfer after it has expired but the domain will enter a pending transfer state, and that will continue until the gaining registrar renews the domain upon completion of the transfer.

Additionally, if the transfer fails for any reason, your domain may be expired and you may not be able to restart the domain transfer or may be forced to pay an additional fee to retrieve the domain registration.

Steps to Transfer Your Domain Name to GreenGeeks

  1. Check the domain contact information. You should be the “Admin Email” in the whois record for the domain. The administrative email contact authorizes the domain transfer once the process has begun.
  2. Disable whois privacy protection. If your domain uses whois privacy protection, it must be disabled while the domain is being transferred so you can respond to transfer confirmation emails.
  3. Point the domain’s name servers to
    ams-ns1.greengeeks.comContact your current domain registrar for name server update instructions. The name servers cannot be changed during the domain name transfer process.
  4. Unlock the domain. Contact your current registrar for instructions.
  5. Get the domain authorization code. Contact your current registrar for the code (they may refer to it as an “Auth Code” or an “EPP Code”).
  6. Complete the Domain Transfer Form, and we will start the transfer process.

Domain transfers can take several days to complete. That time can be reduced if you respond to authorization emails sent to the domain’s admin contact as quickly as possible.

Which Domains Are Eligible to Transfer?

There are almost 2,000 Top Level Domains (TLD – the part of the domain after the dot). And while many of them can be transferred to GreenGeeks, there are some cases where a transfer is not possible.  Check this list, and if your TLD appears there, it can be transferred to GreenGeeks.

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  1. I transferred my domain name to GreenGeeks,, a couple years ago and recently Godaddy took it. That is the company I left. I do not want to go back to that company. So now I have to give up my domain name. It doesn’t seem right to me that I was told that everything was taken care of and my name transferred, only to find out 2 years later that I have lost my name.

    1. Hi Sandra, I’m sorry to hear about your domain name. It sounds like the domain’s name servers were changed to GreenGeeks when you moved but the domain registration wasn’t transferred to us. If the domain had been transferred you would have received renewal notices from us and GoDaddy wouldn’t have any control over it.

      If we helped start a domain transfer when you moved, it may not have completed if the necessary acknowledgments weren’t made (usually via email).

      If the domain just expired you should still be able to get it from GoDaddy. There’s a redemption period during which you can get the name back. Ask them if it’s still in redemption.

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