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GreenGeeks Account Lockout Feature

Why do I see a message in my GreenGeeks Account Dashboard that my account is restricted?

GreenGeeks Hosting Accounts have restrictions added due to potential security concerns or Terms of Service violations.

Restricted accounts are indicated via a red banner at the top of the GreenGeeks dashboard, containing the related Ticket ID for the issue.

How can I regain access to my restricted GreenGeeks Account or services?

Please reply directly to the noted TicketID from your GreenGeeks dashboard to ensure a complete communications history and prompt resolution. Note that the GreenGeeks Live Support Team will be unable to assist in lifting the restriction.

Why do I see “Account Disabled” when I try to log in to my GreenGeeks Dashboard?

If you see the “Account Disabled” error when attempting to log in to your GreenGeeks Dashboard, the GreenGeeks Account is Locked. You will be unable to log in with the restrictions in place.

For assistance in unlocking your account, please email [email protected] from the primary email address associated with your GreenGeeks account.

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