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How Do I Wipe My Account and Start Fresh?

We’ve all been there: deleted something, moved something, or changed something that seems to have created a lot of problems. If you find yourself in that situation and feel like it would be better to start from scratch, we can reset your account to its default state.

Open a ticket in GreenGeeks and we will reset everything back to where it was the day the account was created. That means that all of your data will be deleted, including email, databases, files and any custom configuration that you’ve done.

Resetting the account is irreversible, so be sure to download any files or databases that you want to keep before submitting a reset request. If there are things you want to keep, just let us know what to delete and what to keep (though we still encourage you to make your own back up before any major change).

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  1. Okay I agree to get it back on default stage when it was new registered settings in my cpanel.
    So it is the best way to get fresh cpanel state, on this processed you can make, please send me some guide if i want to get my own manage to clean on my own to remove the installed files like php script installed in public_html folder from my php setup in this cpanel and also to clean removal on sql database data too to make my own maintenance even support team in not available to do on some procedure like this, i was developing a website so i need to run smooth and working site from the script, i was uploaded and installed here and test some script until its working perfectly.
    I was working remove and install in this process so that i need my own manual procedure and maintenance to do like this or way for cleaning on the installed script and database or any thing to do rather than installed folder and database in the cpanel but any thing what i need to delete, remove, uninstall, cleaning log files and many more what to do. Thank you!

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