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How Do I Change My cPanel Password?

This will not change your GreenGeeks password. To change your GreenGeeks password, see these instructions.

Changing Your cPanel Password

Log in to GreenGeeks. If you have lost or forgotten your GreenGeeks password you can reset it using the “Forgot Password?” link under the GreenGeeks login box.

From the GreenGeeks Dashboard, click “Hosting” on the left.

Hosting Options

Find the service you want to change and click the “Manage” button on the far right.

Manage Account

If you only have one hosting account, it’ll be the only one available.

Click the “Password Management” tab.

Password Management Tab

Enter your password in both fields and click the “CHANGE PASSWORD” button. “Password Strength” indicator must be green.

click the "CHANGE PASSWORD" button

To Generate a Secure Password

If you’d like the system to generate a password for you, click the “GENERATE PASSWORD” link.

click the "GENERATE PASSWORD" link

Click the eye icon to display the generated password.

click the eye icon to display the password

Make note of the newly generated password and click the “CHANGE PASSWORD” button.

click the "CHANGE PASSWORD" button

To Set Password Requirements


Update the requirements (the number field is the password length) and click the “Apply” button.

Update Password Requirements

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  1. It’s a very confusing dialogue box: it gives no confirmation that you have actually changed your password, and it displays a live Change Password button almost all of the time, so that it seems to be saying that you haven’t changed your password yet.

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