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Site Migration Instructions for Shared Hosting

Transferring a website from one host to another can be a daunting, time-consuming task. Why not let us do it for you? You can request the service in GreenGeeks.

Log in to GreenGeeks. From the left-hand panel, go to “Support” and click, “Site Migration Request.”

Migration Support

Select the hosting service of which you would like to request migration.

Select Hosting Service

To transfer your web site files and email from your current host, we need the account login information:

  • Previous Hosting Provider
  • Control Panel URL
  • Control Panel Type
  • FTP Hostname
  • Control Panel/FTP Username
  • Control Panel/FTP Password
  • Additional Instructions: If you have any additional instructions for us such as a particular folder or database that you want to be moved, please provide it here.

When you have completed all the fields, click the “Submit” button.

Migration Submission

If our website migration team requires any additional information, they will request it via email. We will send you an email verification when we have completed the migration.


  • Do not change your name server or other DNS settings to our servers until your web site files and email have been moved to our servers by you or one of our representatives. Updating DNS prematurely will cause your web site to become unavailable and disrupt email service.
  • If we encounter slow download or upload speeds at your current web hosting provider, delays may result.

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    1. Marcus, site migration does include databases.

  1. Dear Green Geeks,

    My site was with brain Host. I want migrate or transfer my site to Green Geeks. What do I need from to provide so that my site is migrated to Green Geeks?

    1. Hey Morris,

      In order for you to transfer your website to us, all you will have to provide us with is your account credentials to your existing host and our site migration team will then be able to bring your website over.

  2. Am I supposed to back things up before migrating from GoDaddy or does your site also do this before data is moved? I’ve copied and pasted all of my data from an FTP before but when I tried to open certain images, the files were corrupted, so even my attempt to backup files didn’t work!

    1. We will copy your site files from the previous host, but it’s always a good idea to keep a copy yourself. We recommend making a standard FTP backup regularly, but if you’re having trouble with that there are a variety of pay services that will automatically back up your websites and databases every day (or even more frequently).

  3. My current host server cpanl is infected and I can not gain access to a cpanel, but I do have a back up file in a zip format and another one in a sql.gz file, would you be able to restore that with new hosting instead of from my old cpanel. It’ a WP website.

  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    Please tell me where I can fill a form for migration request form? I got the link for this page as ” How to” instruction, but I don’t see anywhere to fill out the form. Thanks


  5. I have two websites on Google Cloud. Can you migrate them and what info to provide you?

  6. Hi I need to migrate my website my previous host told me to contact you. What do you need from me and what is the cost to host?

    Thank you


  7. Hi
    I want to buy a cloud hosting from GreenGeeks.
    I have a NameCheap hosting, with 1 primary domain and 2 addons domains.
    I want to know if you can migrate all these 3 domains from my Cpanel to your servers.

    Thank you

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