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VPS General Information

A Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a dedicated section of a server. You can start, stop, re-install and configure your VPS without affecting other VPSs on the server. A VPS is the best choice for installing custom software, sending email without sending limitations, live streaming media, custom configurations, etc.

Can I order Dedicated IP addresses?
Yes, you can order Dedicated IP’s, simply open a ticket in GreenGeeks and let us know what you’d like.

Is cPanel/WHM included?
Yes, if you are subscribed to our Managed VPS, we include a cPanel Solo License. If you wish to upgrade/downgrade your current cPanel License, please open a ticket in GreenGeeks. You can view the licence tiers we currently offer at VPS cPanel License Pricing

How can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS plan?
GreenGeeks offers seamless online upgrades between our VPS plans. Just open a support ticket in your GreenGeeks Account and let us know you’d like to upgrade, we’ll take it from there.

If the IP address of another VPS customer is blacklisted, is everyone on the server blacklisted?
No. IP Addresses are VPS-specific. You are the only one using your IP, and you cannot be blacklisted due to the actions of another user.

Can I request a VPS reboot?
No need to make a request – you can reboot your VPS from your GreenGeeks Account.

Is my VPS Backed up?
No, GreenGeeks does not backup any Virtual Private Servers. We recommend that you use the cPanel backup feature to backup your VPS.

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