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VPS vs Shared/Reseller Differences

There are significant differences between the GreenGeeks EcoSite or Reseller platform, and our Managed VPS environment. Some of these differences are at the operating system level, and some of these differences are in regards to the management, or level of support that we are able to provide.

So, what differences are there that you need to be aware of?


Antivirus Protection

ImunifyAV – Monthly scans of files

Imunify360 – Real-time-scanning of new files

cPanel Backups

Not taken automatically by GreenGeeks; can be configured on VPS with sufficient free disk space

GreenGeeks stores 30 sets of user-level backups

Disk Space

Requires 15GB for operating system and cPanel updates, in addition to the cPanel user and a minimum of 5GB free working space.

Disk space & inodes are used at the cPanel user level, not required for operational overhead

GreenGeeks Dashboard Management

Start/Stop/Reset VPS/Change user root Password/Link to WHM login page

Full cPanel/WHM access without login

GreenGeeks Support Provided


Tickets, Live Chat or Telephone


Limited only at the file-system level.

Limited per cPanel user

Litespeed Cache

Not supported by default; must provide own Litespeed license or be replaced by alternative plugins such as W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache.

Supported; GreenGeeks recommends Litespeed Cache

Memory Usage

Memory used by OS & related services, in addition to the cPanel user

Memory is dedicated to the cPanel user only, not required for operational overhead


MariaDB 10.6

MariaDB 10.5


Use nameservers registered within VPS

Use GreenGeeks global nameservers

Operating System

AlmaLinux 8



7.2 – 8.2

5.2 – 8.2

Shell Access(SSH)

Root or user level, using SSH keys

User-level SSH access, using keys or passwords

SSL Management

Managed within cPanel/WHM

Done in the GreenGeeks dashboard

Web Server

Apache 2.4


If you have any questions about specific differences between the GreenGeeks platforms, please contact the GreenGeeks Support team for assistance.

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