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WordPress Repair Toolkit – Terms of Service

The following is a description of GreenGeeks’ Terms of Service (TOS) for the GreenGeeks WordPress Repair Toolkit.

Repair Turnaround

GreenGeeks will provide its best effort to fully repair your website in a timely manner from the time your payment is received. Payment of any applicable fees may be requested prior to any services being performed, at GreenGeeks’ discretion.

Once repair is confirmed, any applicable fees will be automatically invoiced and charged to your credit card on file.

A prompt repair depends on your active participation and timely replies to any GreenGeeks emails.

GreenGeeks asks that you reply to any of its emails during the repair as promptly as possible. If a reply is required to complete repairs and we do not receive an update within a reasonable time period, GreenGeeks reserves the right to cancel your repair request.

GreenGeeks will be the sole and final arbitrator with regard to response times.


At this time, GreenGeeks’ WordPress Repair Toolkit is only available for WordPress installations hosted on GreenGeeks shared, reseller, and Managed VPS platforms.

The service encompasses the repair of known WordPress functions for a single WordPress website, as well as software updates, including WordPress themes and plugins available from the repository.

Third-party Software

In some cases, closed source or premium licensed software, such as themes and plugins, may be damaged and must be replaced. Under such circumstances, GreenGeeks may, at its sole discretion, remove or deactivate such software, which may need to be reinstalled by a licensee.

You understand and agree that GreenGeeks is not responsible for any issues arising from the removal or deactivation of such software.

No Guarantee

While GreenGeeks will do its best to assist you with website repair, please note that perfect results are never guaranteed. This process varies based on the severity of your issue and other factors.

Customers may need to reach out to a third-party developer when necessary.

Once a website is repaired, it is solely the responsibility of the site owner to maintain the site including any and all site software, components, and credentials. You understand and agree that GreenGeeks is not responsible for any damages or issues that arise from the GreenGeeks WordPress Repair Toolkit.

GreenGeeks requires customers to keep all website software up to date and secure as per our Terms of Service. You understand and agree to maintain all software and password updates to prevent future compromises.

Refunds and Cancellation

All sales for GreenGeeks WordPress Repair Toolkit, if applicable, are final. Once the repair has been started, no refunds are available regardless of completion status or site functionality. Customers are unable to cancel their requests if repair has been started.

GreenGeeks reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Please check this page to ensure that you are aware of the latest information.

Your use of the GreenGeeks WordPress Repair Toolkit constitutes acceptance of these terms. You agree to be bound by all of GreenGeeks’ terms of service that are applicable to your account.

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