The Add-on Domain function in cPanel allows you to host additional domains on your Green Geeks account, and each add-on domain will appear to be separate web site to your visitors.

IMPORTANT: When setting up an add-on domain, you must be able to change the DNS settings for that domain to Green Geeks’ DNS servers; see your Login Information email for the names of the DNS servers to use.

The web files for an add-on domain are located in a sub-folder in your www folder, so you must upload your site to that folder in order to display your add-on domain.

Email accounts for the add-on domain can also be set up under the Mail settings in cPanel; just go to the Mail icon, choose “Manage/Add/Remove Accounts,” then “Add Account.” You will be able to choose the add-on domain from a pull-down menu in the setup screen.

To set up an add-on domain:

  1. Click on the Add-on Domains button on your cPanel home page
  2. Enter the domain name to be added
  3. Enter a directory name to use for the add-on domain (it will be created if it does not already exist)
  4. Enter a password for the add-on domain (this is a new password for the FTP account, not your cPanel password)
  5. Click the “Add Domain!” button

Note that the three redirection settings at the bottom of this screen are not necessary unless you want your add-on domain to point somewhere else, for example another site or server.

Now that your addon domain name has been added to your cPanel you can go to that folder and upload your web site files. Once the propagation takes place your web site files and emails for your addon domain name will be live on the internet.

If you have any questions or run into any problems please feel free to open a support ticket from within your Account Manager


  1. Stan Gould

    I understand that a second domain can be added to an account via the c-panel. Does adding a second domain and website increase the cost of hosting? Is there a limit to how many separate sites can be hosted?

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