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What Is – and How Do I Set up – an Addon Domain?

The Addon Domain function in cPanel allows you to host additional domains on your GreenGeeks account. Each Addon domain appears as a separate web site to your visitors.

When setting up an Addon domain, you must be able to change the name server settings for that domain to use GreenGeeks’ name servers.

The website files for Addon domains are located in sub-folders under your public_html folder. You must upload the Addon domain website files to the sub-folder in order for the Addon domain to work.

To set up an Addon domain

Log in to GreenGeeks and go to cPanel by clicking the “cPanel Login” button in the “Quick Server Login” section.

GreenGeeks dashboard click to log in to cPanel

In the “DOMAINS” section, click the “Addon Domains” link or icon.

cPanel select section DOMAINS Addon Domains

  • Enter the Addon domain’s name in the “New Domain Name” text box. cPanel will automatically populate the “Subdomain” and “Document Root” text boxes.
  • Select the “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain” checkbox if you want to create an FTP account specifically for the Addon domain. Typically a new FTP account is created to provide separate access to the Addon domain website (the Addon domain FTP account does not have access to the primary domain website files, only to the sub-folder for the Addon domain). If you don’t need that kind of separate access, there is no need to create an FTP account for the Addon domain. You can access it through your primary FTP account.
  • Click the “Add Domain” button.

cPanel addon domain setup step 1

Once the Addon domain name has been added, you can FTP to the “Document Root” folder (shown above) and upload your web site files. Alternately you can use the cPanel File Manager to upload files.

When the Addon domain website will be available to visitors depends on when you changed the Addon domain name servers to point to the GreenGeeks name servers. DNS changes take a bit of time to propagate throughout the internet, and that time period varies depending on a number of factors. Typically though, DNS changes shouldn’t take more than a few hours to propagate.

Email for an Addon domain

Email accounts for the Addon domain can be set up in cPanel. Email account set up instructions can be found here. The Addon domain will be an option in the drop-down menu.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact a member of our Support Staff by opening a ticket in the GreenGeeks Account Manager.

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  1. I understand that a second domain can be added to an account via the c-panel. Does adding a second domain and website increase the cost of hosting? Is there a limit to how many separate sites can be hosted?

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