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If GreenGeeks Registers My Domain, Who Owns It?

You own your domain name, even if we register it. GreenGeeks will be the provider of your domain name, and we will register or transfer it according to your needs, but you will be the sole owner of the domain name.

By default, the contact information used when you open your hosting account is used for the domain registration and will be displayed in the WHOIS database

If you wish to make your registration information private, GreenGeeks offers ID Protect WHOIS privacy service for $9.95 a year.

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  1. Is there an option when registering an account to protect domain contact information? I don’t recall having to submit a request to protect my domain contact information with another account I manage.

    1. Hello Tim,

      At this time, in order to obtain ID Protection (our version of Whois Privacy), kindly reach out to [email protected]. ID Protection is currently $9.95/yr.

  2. Once you register your domain with GreenGeeks you will get an email from ICANN that is very important but it looks like total spam. First off ICANN is well know but the email comes from [email protected] which does not have ICANN anywhere in the name. Also, I paid for Whois Privacy and this email is asking me to verify my domain information for the Whois contact. I thought it was someone trying to get my Whois information that GreenGeeks was protecting for me. Don’t ignore this email with the title “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for, extra notice”. If you ignore it your web site will be inaccessible with no information as to why it is down. GreenGeeks should do a better job of explaining this. ICANN should also make a less spam looking email.

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