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  1. I just moved my domains over here to greengeeks. I am having trouble with my email. I was formerly set up pop3. Here it says IMAP. unless I delete my old setups and enter new I cannot change from pop3 to IMAP. I appear to send using port 26 but unable to receive using port 143. What is the solution?

  2. Hello Gary,

    If you are using POP3, you can setup the email account to use POP3 as well with GreenGeeks. Please use port 110 in this case for the incoming mail server and ensure you have selected POP3 during account setup.

    I hope this answers your question. Please open up a support ticket in the GreenGeeks Account Manager if you are still having trouble!

    Mark L.
    GreenGeeks Support

  3. This method seems to be before Outlook 2013. Does it work for that?

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