How to Change the WordPress Admin Color Scheme in WordPress 4.0

One of the changes that came with WordPress 3.8 was a complete redesign of the dashboard. The newer design is made to be aesthetically pleasing, has a more modern look and is responsive, which makes it a lot easier to manage your WordPress site on mobile devices. It was generally very well received by users, but one common complaint was about the dark color scheme. Many people simply didn’t like it. If this is you, then you will be happy to learn that there is a way to change the WordPress color scheme to one that you like better.


A default installation of WordPress will come with 8 different color schemes for the admin dashboard. This article will show you how you can change the color scheme and also how you can get even more admin color schemes that will work with WordPress 3.8. By following our instructions, you can personalize your dashboard to make it look just like you want it to. Of course, you will need to have updated to WordPress 3.8 before you begin, so if you haven’t done so yet, you will need to perform the update first.To change your WordPress color scheme, you will first need to log in to your dashboard. Then, just go to “Users” and then select “Your Profile.” This will let you select from one of the eight available color schemes. If you like one of these schemes, all that you have to do is to select it and your dashboard will be changed to reflect the new scheme you’ve chosen.If you want to get even more color schemes, you can install and activate a plugin called “Admin Color Schemes.” After the plugin is activated, you can simply go to “Users,” then “Your Profile.” You will notice that there are eight more color schemes available for you to choose from.


WordPress admin color schemes are just one of the many ways that WordPress allows you to personalize your dashboard area. Of course, you can keep it at the default black scheme if it doesn’t bother you, but many of our users have commented that they would like to see colors that are more bright and lively. For those who spend a lot of time in the admin area of their WordPress site each and every day, such as bloggers that compose several posts or site administrators that moderate comments, the different colors can be a simple way to brighten up their work environment a little bit.

It is possible that there will be new color schemes added as plugins or in new versions of WordPress in the future. But for now, there is still an interesting amount of colors to choose from. The vibrant colors presented in the default installation and the plugin should suit the tastes of most users.

Is there a color scheme that you like more than others? Which one have you used recently for your admin dashboard? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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