3 Advantages of Using Automatic Post Scheduler Plugin in WordPress

A lot of people don’t realize the value of creating a content strategy when developing a WordPress blog. This can include various details such as defining a target audience, the proper length of your articles and even finding the right talent to help. Defining an editorial plan is part of this strategy, and WordPress may have tools that can assist you. This brings us to the Automatic Post Scheduler plugin.

What Does the Automatic Post Scheduler Plugin Do?

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The Automatic Post Scheduler plugin allows you to modify the intervals in which posts are available on the site. This can be done using different times giving the site a sense of continuity. This small piece of programming can allow you to provide a constant stream of content depending on how many posts you have scheduled in the queue.

3 Ways This Plugin Can Help You Manage Content

1. Keeping the Blog Active

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For many blogs, keeping the site active is important for maintaining a certain level of viewership everyday. Sites that don’t have a lot of content or demonstrate a lack of effort are often overlooked by those looking for specific content. Not everyone will follow a blog that owners don’t deliver content on. Uploading a mass amount of content all at once and then allowing the system to publish posts according to timed intervals gives the site the appearance that it’s regularly maintained.

Example: Let’s say that you pay a third-party to write 150 posts that you want to spread out for a couple of months. Instead of logging into WordPress every day or publishing all of the articles in one day, Automatic Post Scheduler can be used to spread the posts over the course of time without further action from yourself. Users will see one or two blog posts per day instead of all 150 at once.

2. Timely Distribution for Blog Followers

Part of a strategy for posting content is understanding what your audience wants to read at certain times of the day. Visitors may be more active at 11 am than they are at 9 am. If you use a system that advises people of new posts, you may want WordPress to publish new content during the times those people are online. When used in combination with an automatic updater for social media posts, your blog can engage your target audience through the most ideal times on both the blog and sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Example: Perhaps you discover that most people respond to your blog post at eight in the morning. What if you’re busy at that time and are unable to make sure the post is published? If you create content the night before, you can make sure that it is published on time even if you’re standing in line at the coffee shop.

3. Contributes to the Editorial Plan

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There are many parts to developing the proper editorial plan for any given blog. Some of the best practices involve a lot of data concerning how people use the website. Once you have determined the best content, ideal times and optimum frequency, this WordPress post scheduler can implement the strategy.

Example: After spending a lot of time examining the data from tools such as Google Analytics, you can determine the best course of action for your content. This data could include things such as the best topics and the best time when visitors are active. In many editorial strategies, scheduling the posts would be considered the final stage for releasing content. After which, you would analyze the data accumulated from the next series of blog posts to fine-tune the next release. Using a WordPress post scheduler plugin gives you power over when the content is published to meet the goals of your strategy.

Do you deliver content during a certain time of the day, or do you simply publish the post when you’re done writing it? Have you found the most ideal times people visit your website? Leave a comment below and help others create their own strategies for delivering content.

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