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Creating a website for branding or promotional purposes can be a great and fun way to get your work out in the world for people to connect and network with you. One of those ways through WordPress. WordPress offers various options to customize your website so that you can reach your target audience or market and expand your network. It offers great ways to utilize its platforms tools to benefit you the most, and one of those tools is the menu bar.

The WordPress menu titles you include will direct visitors directly to a new page, but if you don’t want that to happen, there are ways around it. The WordPress menu titles are available in the first place because you create them. The menu will take visitors to a separate page on each of your WordPress website. This is done by providing a separate page link or a custom link to every menu item. If you want visitors to see your work, product or services separately in categories, you can include those categories as WordPress menu titles. Another option to consider is adding titles for each sub-menu category without the URL taking the visitor to a completely separate page. Take for instance a dropdown menu with categories belonging to a certain group: you can have the categories appear at the title of the menu without the visitor being navigated to a completely different page. This might clutter the screen and take more time than necessary.
Below is a step-by-step guide on how to figure out this simple task.

Go to your dashboard. Find the “appearance” button then go to “menu.” From there, add all the custom links you want included on your site. Give each link a label per category. Now, in the URL field plug in the pound (#) sign. After that, click “add to menu.” After this is accomplished, remember to save.


Next, go to the dropdown arrow button beside the customized link to edit each menu item. Now is the time to remove the pound sign from the URL address then click save again. Now when you preview your WordPress site (this can be done by clicking on the little eye sign). Your live site should now allow the menu items to appear without a link. You can add sub-categories to the main menu along with any URL or customized links as you please.

For example, let’s say your main menu includes the following page options: movies, TV shows, and webisodes. But let’s say you want the dropdown to appear alongside those categories to include a titles to each movie, TV show and webisode as available on the site. By following the instructions in the above, you should be able to create a new category for each title and customize the text so that it includes the necessary information you want to get across to your target market or audience. You can also label the “navigation label” to whatever you like. It doesn’t need to say “categories.” It can say, “copyright,” “title,” “director” or whatever else that would make the site make the most sense logically.

Remember to save your work frequently throughout the process, and be sure to consider the visitor’s ease of navigation throughout the site. Convenience and ease of navigating your website is of utmost importance so remember this when making these changes.

8 thoughts on “Add Titles in WordPress Menu without linking to a page”

  1. Is their a way to get the custom link menu title to show up in the page manager area for when I’m trying to assign a child relationship to that particular custom page title.

  2. Hi Kamil,
    Something in your description is totally different from what I see in the dashboard. WHen I go to Appearance, Menus and get a Menus page, I see my menu, but when I expand it I do not see any URL box. Just the “Navogation Label”, “Move” (to move item up and down hierarchy), and “Original” which shows the menu item name. No URL box. Any idea why i am seeing this?

  3. This was so simple. I can’t believe so few people have ever suggested this.

    I added a “>” at the beginning, for example:
    > Shark Projects
    to “hint” that there might be more. Now my menus are organized and clean!

    P.S. we might be migrating off wordpress for other reasons

  4. Unfortunately this does not work for me. I get a hyperlink with ‘#’ instead blank in our Product category.

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