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How to Set and Change a Default Email Address

The following may not be usable as a standard feature from GreenGeeks. We typically remove this function from our hosting platforms as it will help alleviate spam problems and other issues with email. We value customer experience and do what we can to make sure everyone is safe from malicious and problematic messages.

The “Default” email address is one that acts more like a catch-all for messages sent. It is different than creating an email account in cPanel and created during the setup process of web hosting. The default address is the primary account of the web hosting service where all material is delivered whether it’s spam or not.

But what if you want to change where those messages are delivered? Technically, you can change this default address to virtually any account you wish. Although it’s not advisable to do so, the option is available.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create and change a catch-all address for your hosting account.

Setting Up and Changing the Default Email Address

From cPanel, click the tool for “Default Address.”

From the address screen, you can see the domain name the system is currently using as your catch-all. This means any email that is sent to the domain will be collected by the catchall address. By default, this system is set to “Discard the email” while it processes the message with an error.

To change where the messages are sent, click the radio button to “Forward to Email Address.”

Input the email address you wish to use and click, “Change.”

Instead of discarding the email, which is usually spam, your new address will receive those messages.

This can quickly fill up an account as bots will frequently spam accounts connected to a domain whether the email address exists or not. This is one of the reasons why I suggest to leave it set by default to discard the email.

Advanced Options

If you click on the “Advanced Options” link, you’ll have access to how email is forwarded. You can choose to forward email to the system account in cPanel or choose to send the messages to a specific program. This program is essentially a script that runs on your server, and you must enter the path correctly for the email to be sent to that application.

Be Mindful of the Reprocussions

The default catch-all address is there to prevent a wide range of spam and malicious messages from reaching yourself or your staff. In reality, it’s better to leave the system as-is. But if you need to change it for some reason, you can do so with a couple clicks of the mouse. In some instances, you may need to contact customer support to help change the address as the tool may be disabled in cPanel.

Author: Alex G.

Updated on December 16, 2017

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