How to Promote Losing Weight Using Keto Calculator in WordPress

Keto has become a very popular diet plan, as millions have embraced it as a way to stay healthy and lose weight. If you have a fitness website, then you are probably talking about it in some way. What better way to display Keto information than by displaying a Keto calculator on your site?

There are a few different ways you can do this. You can build your own Keto diet calculator using custom code, or you can use a smooth plugin that provides everything you need. 

Today, I am going to show you how to easily add a Keto calculator for weight loss to your WordPress website using a clean, user-friendly plugin.

What is the Keto Diet?

Basically put, the Keto Diet (Ketogenic Diet) is a very high-fat, low carb diet that shares many similarities with the Atkin’s Diet from year’s past. You drastically reduce carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called “ketosis.”

The main differences between the Keto Diet and the Atkin’s Diet are in the carb and protein intake. Atkins was no-carb, while Keto is low carb. Atkins is high protein, while Keto is high-fat and minimal protein.

You can find tons of information about it all over the place, as it is one of the most popular diets around right now. If you have a health and wellness blog, then you definitely want to mention it.

Let’s take a look at the plugin we are going to use today and see all that it has to offer.

Keto Calculator

Keto Calculator Plugin

Keto Calculator is a smooth, simple, yet powerful WordPress Ketosis diet calculator that you can easily embed on any page or post on your website using a shortcode. The calculator allows a person to measure their nutritional needs while on the ketogenic diet.

Your users will be able to use it to achieve personal goals of healing, weight loss, and performance. Once installed and activated, you simply add the given shortcode to any page or post, and the Keto calculator will display and function properly.

This Keto calculator plugin actually comes with some really great options and features. Some of the main ones include:

  • User can enter information in Metric or US Customary
  • Results displayed in tabular and graphical form
  • Gives users a weight loss and weight gain diet plan
  • Can be placed on any post or page using the built-in shortcode

And that’s not all. There are some really great features in the pipeline as well. These will include options for customizing table and graph styles and the ability for users to generate a PDF report.

The plugin gives you everything you need in a smooth, simple, easy to use layout that can be put anywhere on a site. Let’s get it in place and set it up together.

How to Add a Keto Calculator in WordPress

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

In order to properly display a Keto calculator on your website, you first need to install and activate the plugin on our WordPress website. To do this, jump on over to the Plugins page of the WordPress dashboard.

Use the search field to search the plugin by name. Once you see it pop up, install and activate it right from there.

Install and activate keto calculator plugin

Step 2: Navigate to a New Page

Now that the plugin is activated, it is time to go place the Keto calculator where you want it to display. 

It is worth noting that this plugin does not come with any settings or configurations to go over. You simply use the built-in shortcode [keto_calculator] to show the plugin on the frontend of your site on the page you want.

So, let’s navigate to a new page. Click on Pages > Add New, located on the left side menu area of the dashboard.

Click pages then add new

Note: If you want to add the Keto calculator to an existing page, then simply click on the page you want to edit and add the shortcode as described below.

Step 3: Add Shortcode to Page

At this point, you have the page opened and your editor in front of you. The concept is the same whether you are using the classic editor or the Gutenberg block editor.

If you are using the classic editor, then just paste the [keto_calculator] shortcode on the page.

If you are using the block editor, then go ahead and add a shortcode block. Click on the blue + symbol on the top-left of the page.

Click the blue plus symbol

Now, scroll through the blocks or simply use the search field to search for the “shortcode” block. 

Add shortcode block

Click on the shortcode block and add it to your page. From there, add the [keto_calculator] shortcode into the relevant field.

Add keto claculator shortcode

Click on the “Publish” or “Update” button in the editor and the Keto calculator is now live and usable on the page you embedded it on.

Step 4: View Calculator on Frontend of Site

At this point, your Keto calculator is published and live. Go to the page you put it on and take a look at it live.

Calculator front end

That’s it! The calculator is now live and ready to be used by anyone.

Keto Calculator Functionality

Let’s take a quick moment to take a look at all the features and functionality that the Keto Calculator plugin offers. You can see from the screenshot above that a user is able to add in all sorts of information in order to find out what they need to know. Remember, there are several other features in the pipeline, so soon a user will be able to generate a PDF report of their calculator results and have it whenever they need it for reference.

Users add their:

  • Units
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Activity Level
  • Body Fat
  • Net Carbs

All of this info leads to them getting the proper results so that they can see where they are. Let’s look at how to view results.


The results come in several charts for the user to view and go over. These include maintenance, goal, moderate calorie deficit, and large calorie deficit. After a user fills out the calculator, they pick their goal.


From here the user can scroll down and see all the information they want from the results listed above. The calculator is actually quite detailed and will give someone a lot of information to use regarding their Keto diet and what needs to happen to hit goal weights and health targets.

Final Thoughts

If you run a health and wellness website, then you will definitely want to have a Keto section available for users. A great tool to offer them is a Keto calculator on the site that they can use to figure out what they need to do to lose weight, gain weight, and get healthy.

I hope this tutorial was able to show you how easy it is to add a Keto diet calculator to your website. Using a smooth plugin like the one above makes the process fast and simple. Before you know it, you will have a fully functioning Keto calculator on your site.

Have you ever tried using this plugin before? Did you build the calculator another way?

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