Canada Is The Fastest Warming Country In The World

Climate Change

Canada is the fastest warming country in the world according to the 2019 Canadian Environment and Climate Change Department Report. Since Canadian temperature records began in 1948, the average has risen roughly three degrees Fahrenheit, or 1.7 degrees Celsius.

One of the highlights of this report is that the increasing temperatures were caused by human influence. One of the biggest arguments against climate change has been that humans are not responsible. This report clearly links humans and climate change together.

Summary Of The Report

The report is very detailed and informative, but if you don’t have the time to read it in its entirety, here is the summary. Canada is warming at an alarming rate due to human influence. Snowfall in Canada has decreased while rainfall has increased since 1948.

This has caused the amount of snow-covered land in Canada to shrink more noticeably over the last 30 years. Both extreme heat and cold will become more intense, while severe heatwaves will become more frequent. Due to increases of intense heat, a freshwater shortage is expected during summer months because surface water will evaporate. Increased flood activity is expected in Canada as the sea level rises.

Overall, Canada is feeling the effects of climate change and has acknowledged it is caused by human activity.

Change Is On The Way For Canada

Canada’s government has been very vocal about protecting the environment and as promised, on April 1st, 2019, the Canadian government imposed a carbon tax in four of its provinces. It will cost businesses and residents in these provinces $20 Canadian ($15 American) for every tonne (1.1 tons) of carbon released. The price will continually rise until it reaches $50 Canadian.

As you can imagine, this tax is highly controversial within the country with the affected provinces prepared to battle the bill. However, for now, companies in Canada will no longer be able to release carbon emissions into the air for free, which will certainly change how businesses operate in those areas.

This bill will not only affect businesses, but the also the prices of fuels. However, since this is an election year, the tax could be removed if a new administration takes over.

Climate Change Is Becoming More Noticeable

Climate Change

Canada is not the only place in the world that is seeing the effects of climate change. In fact, all of North America is as well. The Fourth National Climate Assessment Report, claims that the United States will see a significant decrease in its GDP as a direct result of climate change expenses.

Longyearbyen located in Norway is the fastest warming town in the world and the increased temperatures have threatened the structures that are found there. With these clear examples of climate change, skeptics are running out of excuses to halt climate change reform bills. If nothing is done, this generation will be the last one to experience the Earth as we know it.

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