18 Out-Of-The-Box Tips That Will Help You Write Catchy Headlines

How To Write Catchy Headlines

Catchy headlines can do wonders for driving traffic. The trick is to create these without looking like “click-bait.” Nothing infuriates readers more than clicking on a link only to find out the content is related to something else.

While titles that are click-baity may increase unique visitor rates, they usually damage return visitor ratios. Continue reading “18 Out-Of-The-Box Tips That Will Help You Write Catchy Headlines”

Top Google Search Secrets that Will Make You Look Smarter

Google Search Tips

Google is the most utilized search engine on the Internet. In fact the website is such an integral part of everyday life, Google has become a verb. When you need answers, you can always “Google it.”

The system’s flexibility is one of the reasons why approximately two trillion searches are done on the search engine giant annually. To put this into perspective, that’s more than 228 million searches every hour.

That’s a lot of cat pictures and celebrity gossip.

Not everyone knows how to take the system even further than just running a simple search. Learning how to Google something can actually give you access to far more data than you probably realize. Continue reading “Top Google Search Secrets that Will Make You Look Smarter”

17 Catchy Ideas That Will Increase Your Email Response Rate

email marketing

Did you know that click-through rates from emails are approximately 3.42%? That means one out of every 34 people who read your email will actually interact with it. This doesn’t include the fact that just more than 30% of all messages you send may be opened.

Email marketing is still one of the most cost efficient methods for engaging an audience. It costs very little to maintain and is one of the few you can do in vast quantities almost instantly.

Can you image if you could increase your response rate from these averages? Continue reading “17 Catchy Ideas That Will Increase Your Email Response Rate”

17 Easiest Tips and Tricks for a Successful Google Search

google search tips and tricks

Because of how powerful the search engine has become, “Google” has developed into a verb. Most people will “Google It” when they need to find virtually anything.

However, there are several ways you can increase the likelihood of finding specific information in the popular engine.

Here are 17 Google search tips and tricks that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Continue reading “17 Easiest Tips and Tricks for a Successful Google Search”

10 Easy Tricks to Create Unhackable Passwords

create strong passwords

Passwords are the lifeblood of online activity. With all that is available on the Internet, it’s possible to have tens if not hundreds of sites to which you need credentials for. If you put a great deal of your business online, the risk potential is even greater.

So, how can you create strong passwords that will keep unwanted guests out of your accounts? This all depends on how creative you are.

Here are several ideas that can help you implement credentials to protect your data. Continue reading “10 Easy Tricks to Create Unhackable Passwords”

7 Smart Ways to Speed Up Your Website

speed up website

The speed of your website will be one of the major factors that play into its success. Whether you’re operating an eCommerce site or you’re creating a blog, visitors want pages that are fast to load.

And when it comes to mobile devices, speed is even more of a pressing issue. In fact, about 53% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load on a mobile device.

That’s more than half of your customers!
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