Hurricane Harvey: Its impact on GreenGeeks & Our Relief Effort

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve most certainly have heard about Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it has caused in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

The Impact

Hurricane Harvey dumped an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water on Texas and Lousiana and is looking to be one of the most damaging natural disasters in U.S history. Tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and while we won’t know the ultimate toll on life and property for sometime, current estimates are pegging $75 billion dollars worth of damage — even worse, the death toll continues to rise.

The Impact to GreenGeeks

The impacts of Hurricane Harvey hits close to home for GreenGeeks, a rather large portion of our team is located in Texas, particularly in Houston — good news is that our team has been accounted for and is safe. Our decision to diversify our staff across the globe meant that we were able to continue to support our customers during a disaster, albeit, slower than normal.

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Our Scalable Hosting Platform

Early last month, we announced that we made improvements to our hosting service by revamping our shared hosting platform to increase performance, reliability and scalability.  These improvements were put in place to lay the ground work for many things to come as we are investing heavily in making our hosting the best there is.

Our vision as a hosting provider is to allow our customer to focus on deploying, managing and growing their websites without having to worry about the underlying technology. The hosting platform should just work. We like to refer to this ideology as “HaaS” (hosting-as-a-service). We are moving towards a more streamlined hosting experience for our customers.

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GreenGeeks Revamps Shared Hosting Platform to Increase Performance, Reliability & Scalability

GreenGeeks is always striving to ensure that our customers are getting the best web hosting experience possible, from the latest technologies to the best customer service. We wake up every day, constantly thinking of new ideas and speaking to our customers to hear about their needs. We then work hard to deliver.

Today, I’m excited to announce a few improvements that we’ve made to our hosting platform, as we work towards our goal of providing next-generation web hosting services.

These improvements are the initial stages of our plan to provide powerful web hosting solutions that will simplify the way our customers deploy and manage websites.

Here they are…

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Are you a web developer? We’re looking for you…


GreenGeeks is a rapidly growing web hosting company that is always looking add to its family. GreenGeeks has made the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America two years in a row. We are looking for a web developer who is passionate about web hosting.

Why Work for GreenGeeks?

– No more commuting and traffic! You will be working from the comfort of your home!
– All staff members receive 18 days of paid time off per year.
– We’re a home grown company with just over 40 team members and have great opportunities to move up and further your career!
– Your input and suggestions matter to us, we listen to all of our team members. We work as a team.
– Loyalty Merit Program: We’ll increase your pay the longer you work for us.

Job Code: WD2015


– Proficient in PHP, Perl, Bash, MySQL
– Knowledge of JavaScript Framework
– Knowledge of PHP Frameworks
– Knowledge of Linux-based Operating System
– Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
– Is able to speak fluent English
– Has a reliable high speed internet connection.
– Has knowledge/understanding of the Hosting Industry


– Development & Maintenance of Internal Applications
– Development & Maintenance of Client-facing Applications
– Server-side Programming

To Apply, e-mail with a cover letter + resume. Ensure that your subject line is the code mentioned above else it will be rejected. We prefer individuals located in the United States and Canada. We are not interested in Outsourcing companies.

We’re making your hosting experience even faster!

Faster Hosting Experience

GreenGeeks has always been at the forefront of providing the latest hosting technology and late last week an e-mail was sent out to customers announcing that every GreenGeek would be receiving a free upgrade that will boost performance and reliability.

So what exactly is being done?

1. Core CPU & Memory Upgrades.

We will be replacing older processors for newer, faster ones and increasing the available memory on all of our servers across all services. This means that our servers will be able to handle even more load and faster than ever before.

2. Introduction of SSD Accelerated Storage.

We will be implementing SSD Accelerated Storage, which makes use of Solid State drives on top of our already powerful and reliable RAID-10 storage array configuration. We’ve been able to decrease page load times by 50% and overall system load by over 150%.

3. Introduction of FastCGI PHP Processing.

Implementation of FastCGI on shared, reseller and premium servers will allow repeatedly accessed PHP scripts, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal to be stored and loaded from cache which greatly improves the speed of your website load times.

These upgrades are being made available to customers automatically. Over the next few weeks, as we progress from server to server, customers will receive a scheduled maintenance e-mail that will be required to make these upgrades happen.

Thank you for choosing GreenGeeks as your web hosting provider and look forward to helping your web presence succeed in 2014.

Recent ICANN changes & How they affect you!


Earlier this year, Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) published an updated Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). These changes are scheduled to go into effect January 1st 2014 and will affect all domain owners both with GreenGeeks® or another domain registrar. To review a quick technical summary of the policy change check our our educational article ICANN RAA 2013 Changes. This blog article is a more simplistic explanation including examples of what will take place.

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Phishing Scam Alert: Tariff Plan Changes

We have recently become aware of a phishing scam attempt on our customer’s Account Manager login credentials. If you have received the below e-mail, it is not from GreenGeeks. The e-mail is attempting to phish for your Account Manager username/password. If you have clicked on the link and continued to provide any information, you may have fell victim to the phishing scam. We recommend that you contact our support immediately or log into your account manager and changing your password.

For your safety, please always visit our website at and click on the Client Login link at the top right hand side of the page.

Below is an example of the e-mail.


Remember, if you aren’t absolutely sure that the e-mail you receive is from GreenGeeks, you are more than welcome to contact our support to double check with us. Phishing scams are all too common and you should use safe practices with any provider that you have online.

VPS Hosting now equipped with Intel Xeon E5 Processors

VPS Hosting

Earlier this week we announced that we have upgraded all of our VPS Hosting servers to Intel Xeon E5 Processors. All of our existing VPS customers were automatically upgraded for free.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting servers now come standard with Intel Xeon E5 Processors, DDR3 Memory, RAID-10 high-performance and highly-redundant storage array’s, multi-gigabit network connection along with enterprise class Linux CentOS and a full cPanel/WHM license. The VPS Hosting Service also comes with 24/7/365 technical support.

“To keep up with technological advancements, we are always improving our web hosting services.” said Trey Gardner, CEO of GreenGeeks. “With more and more customers doing more with their online presence, the upgrades will enable website owners and developers to take advantage of the extra processing power to get more out of their applications.”

To find out more information about GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Service visit our VPS Hosting page.