GreenGeeks Revamps Shared Hosting Platform to Increase Performance, Reliability & Scalability

GreenGeeks is always striving to ensure that our customers are getting the best web hosting experience possible, from the latest technologies to the best customer service. We wake up every day, constantly thinking of new ideas and speaking to our customers to hear about their needs. We then work hard to deliver.

Today, I’m excited to announce a few improvements that we’ve made to our hosting platform, as we work towards our goal of providing next-generation web hosting services.

These improvements are the initial stages of our plan to provide powerful web hosting solutions that will simplify the way our customers deploy and manage websites.

Here they are…

100% SSD RAID-10 Storage Array’s

We are now deploying 100% RAID-10 SSD-based (Solid State Drives) servers, which is a setup up from our previously SSD-cache based setup. We’ve seen performance increases of 30-35% on several dozen websites that we’ve tested.

PHP7 is now enabled by default

Last year we announced the roll out of PHP7 on our servers. We’re now deploying accounts with PHP7 enabled by default.

Real-time Security Advancements

We have made considerable improvements to our real-time security scanning engine to make use of aggregate data from our entire network along with tweaks to allow for a more smoother, more secure hosting experience.

Scaling built-in.

Hosting accounts that are provisioned onto our new platform will be able to scale resources (I/O, Memory and CPU) to accommodate for growth by simply upgrading to a higher tiered plan.

All new customers will be automatically placed onto the new platform. A transition plan is already in place to migrate our existing customers to the new platform.

4 thoughts on “GreenGeeks Revamps Shared Hosting Platform to Increase Performance, Reliability & Scalability”

    1. Jeremy, that IS awesome! I’m glad that you’re site is loading faster!

      Can you tell us the improvement that you saw? How did you do the test?

    1. Hi John,

      That’s correct, if you’re on our Ecosite Starter plan, you would have 384MB of ram on your account. You will still see an improvement in performance and reliability, however, if you need more resources, you can add them seamlessly to your account by contacting our sales team to upgrade your account to our Pro or Premium packages.

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