Best Facebook Advertising Tools

13 Facebook Advertising Tools to Engage Your Target Market

Do you use social media for your marketing strategies? If yes, then it’s a must for you to use these Facebook advertising tools!

Around 2 billion people use Facebook daily. That’s a lot of people to target for your ads, not to mention the cost it will take you to do that.

Ideally, marketers should allocate their advertising budget wisely. This is especially true when measuring their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) as part of the company’s marketing Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves in the trap of haphazardly launching ads, leading to misspent budgets and disappointing outcomes. But with the right Facebook marketing tools, you can leverage Facebook’s massive user base in your favor.

Using the right Facebook advertising tools will surely elevate your campaigns. It will help you reach the right audience with precision and insight, thereby maximizing efficiency while minimizing resources being used.

Our Picks for the Best Facebook Advertising Tools

Facebook advertising plays a crucial role in the digital marketing strategies of businesses worldwide. Here’s what sets apart the best tools in the Facebook advertising space:

  • Advanced Targeting Features: The ability to finely segment audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more, so that ads reach the most relevant users.
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting: Detailed insights into campaign performance, including metrics like click-through rate, conversions, and ROI.
  • Automation and Optimization: Features that automate routine tasks and optimize campaigns for better performance without constant manual intervention.
  • Cross-Platform Capabilities: The tool should integrate well with other platforms, allowing for seamless campaign management across different social media channels.
  • Effective Retargeting Options: Allows advertisers to retarget visitors who have interacted with their website or social media profiles.

Let’s take a closer look and learn more about these Facebook advertising tools below.


AdEspresso Facebook advertising tool

AdEspresso streamlines your advertising efforts across not just Facebook, but Instagram and Google Ads, too. It helps you target your ideal audience by employing split testing and optimization techniques that are straightforward and effective.

If you don’t want to manually optimize each ad experiment, AdEspresso’s Automatic Optimization feature is for you. Working in the background, it analyzes each ad in your campaign, pauses the underperformers, and redistributes your budget to the ads that deliver the best results.

The tool continues beyond just optimizing your ads. AdEspresso also offers a robust analytics platform that’s designed to cut through the noise and present your campaign’s performance in a clear, digestible format.

With customizable analytics and widgets, your morning routine could include a quick, comprehensive overview of your campaign’s effectiveness before you’ve even finished your first cup of coffee.

Benefits of AdEspresso

  • It is very user-friendly and effortlessly helps you create ads
  • Provides helpful prompts and dropdowns for guidance
  • Offers expert advice to maximize your budget efficiency
  • Facilitates easy ad split testing to identify the best performers
  • Stores creative elements for quick future access

Drawback of AdEspresso

  • Not ideal for niche companies. Its ad management approach is more general-purpose


  • Starter: $49/month with a $1,000/month spending limit
  • Plus: $99/month with unlimited ad spend limit
  • Enterprise: Starts at $259/month with unlimited ad spend limit


Madgicx Facebook advertising tool

Ready to see your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) skyrocket? Madgicx is one of the best Facebook advertising tools for marketers aiming to supercharge their ad ROI.

With Madgicx, you can set up tracking, brief ads, apply AI optimizations, and witness your results take off within just a couple of days. This platform is a powerhouse, blending creative insights, automation, and AI optimization to push your advertising efforts beyond traditional boundaries.

In an era where confidence in Facebook ad attribution is waning, Madgicx provides accurate and actionable data. This level of precision is crucial; without it, you’re essentially gambling with your advertising spend.

Moreover, as the digital landscape braces for a cookieless future, Madgicx stands ready. It’s designed to navigate the challenges posed by changes like iOS 14 and the eventual disappearance of third-party cookies.

Beyond its tracking capabilities, Madgicx simplifies the setup process. It offers a swift, professional setup managed by experts. Once up and running, the platform’s AI-driven ad management takes over, optimizing your ad budgets across different funnel stages and channels to maximize your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Benefits of Madgicx

  • Provides detailed insights into ROAS and ad spending
  • Customizable dashboard for detailed performance analysis
  • Has 24/7 budget protection that shields your advertising budget from volatility
  • Ideal for adapting to iOS 14 and future updates
  • Features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation

Drawback of Madgicx

  • Can be expensive relative to other tools, especially with its add-ons on top of the base price


  • Starts at $55/month


Adroll Facebook advertising tool

Designed to amplify the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns, AdRoll is a great option among Facebook advertising tools.

The tool simplifies the complex landscape of paid advertising by providing a unified platform to manage your digital campaigns. It allows you to create, edit, optimize, and measure your campaigns across multiple channels from a single location.

With AdRoll, the struggle to keep up with constant updates from Facebook Ads becomes a thing of the past. The platform offers a streamlined approach to retargeting your ideal customers on Facebook, driving conversions, and enhancing your ROI.

Moreover, it supports multi-channel campaigns so there’s brand consistency on your part. Viewing the impact of your campaigns is also very straightforward with AdRoll, as it allows for the deduplication of conversions and comparison against other channels.

Lastly, AdRoll’s customizable cross-channel marketing dashboard is a game-changer for analyzing campaign performance. Instead of juggling data exports from multiple platforms, you can view essential KPIs like campaign spend, revenue, CTR, and more, all from one screen.

Benefits of AdRoll

  • Offers granular segmentation for precise targeting
  • Supports cookie splitting for effective testing
  • Its Ad Library lets you upload new creative assets and integrate them into your Facebook campaigns
  • You can adjust budget, bid strategy, and other settings based on performance data
  • Features an up-to-date, user-friendly interface

Drawback of AdRoll

  • Has very limited features in the free version


  • Starts at $36/month

Hootsuite Social Advertising

Hootsuite Social Advertising

Hootsuite Social Ads offers a comprehensive solution for marketers seeking to optimize their social media campaigns. This Facebook marketing tool brings all the necessary insights across multiple channels to one convenient location.

One of the tool’s key features is its customizability. Users can tailor their viewing experience by applying filters based on engagement type, audience demographics, and date ranges.

Moreover, the platform simplifies reporting by allowing the creation of customized reports. These reports can include all the specific metrics relevant to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads, whether created within Hootsuite or natively on the social platforms.

Overall, Hootsuite Social Ads is an invaluable tool for successful Facebook marketing. From increasing brand awareness to driving conversions, the tool ensures that your brand remains visible and engaging to your target audience.

Benefits of Hootsuite Social Advertising

  • Utilize advanced and lookalike audience features
  • Create effective ad campaigns effortlessly across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Manage ad spending and targeting effectively
  • Review paid and organic post performance within Hootsuite Analytics

Drawback of Hootsuite Social Advertising

  • Only available on the Hootsuite Enterprise Plan


  • Contact their sales team here for a more detailed quotation.


Adzooma Facebook advertising tool

AdZooma offers a streamlined approach to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management, making it an essential Facebook advertising tool available to business owners.

Acting as your virtual PPC assistant, AdZooma not only saves you time but also enhances your advertising strategies and boosts conversions. The tool swiftly highlights areas needing attention and provides expert recommendations to improve performance.

Furthermore, AdZooma offers daily monitoring of your campaigns and personalized recommendations to enhance performance. It also allows for the instant implementation of improvements with just a few clicks.

AdZooma simplifies campaign management with its single-screen overview. At a glance, you can view the most crucial data of your campaigns, make important bulk changes quickly, and easily compare the performance of different campaigns.

In addition to PPC management, AdZooma also offers SEO insights to complement your paid advertising efforts. The tool does this by helping you discover organic keywords targeted by competitors and enhance ad relevancy through content analysis.

Benefits of AdZooma

  • To-do lists act like a personal marketing assistant
  • PPC Performance Reports analyze and score your campaign’s effectiveness
  • Simplifies the creation of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft campaigns
  • Provides detailed reports and notifications
  • Offers useful tips and suggestions for campaign improvement

Drawback of AdZooma

  • It may provide outdated suggestions that are no longer best practices


  • Free Plan
  • Silver Plan: $69/month
  • Gold Plan: $179/month


Driftrock Facebook advertising tool

With Driftrock’s innovative features, marketers can significantly reduce the time spent on ad development and promotion. Driftrock’s built-in ‘Create’ function allows users to design attractive ads swiftly and then easily boost them on Facebook.

In addition to its ad creation capabilities, Driftrock offers ‘Flow,’ a tool dedicated to automatically updating Facebook Custom Audiences and targeting similar audiences. This enhances the efficiency of your marketing efforts by ensuring that your ads reach the most relevant users.

Furthermore, ‘OpenBook,’ another Driftrock feature, provides a detailed analysis of Facebook ad campaigns.

Driftrock also allows users to implement a custom bidding strategy and select a preferred payment method for ads.

Benefits of Driftrock

  • Maintenance and monitoring across all platforms and markets via Driftrock
  • Access to data experts for troubleshooting and minimizing data loss
  • Integrator tools to transfer social platform data into CRM systems
  • Capability to re-target segments of customers across various marketing channels
  • Features to automatically validate and route leads to sales teams

Drawback of Driftrock

  • Does not offer a free trial. You can only book a session and explore the software through a demo


  • Contact their sales team here to get an accurate quotation


Smartly Facebook advertising tool

By integrating Creative, Media, and Data within a single platform, unlocks new growth opportunities and enhances your overall campaign efficacy. It’s an innovative Facebook advertising tool available in the market.

Smartly revolutionizes the way Dynamic Ads are created and managed and allows marketers to break free from the monotony of generic designs. With its Dynamic Creative templates, users gain unparalleled creative control over their ads.

Smartly also simplifies the integration of product catalogs, data sources, or APIs with image templates. This enables dynamic updates and customization of offers based on a variety of factors including language, customer segment, and location.

Furthermore, this tool streamlines the ad-buying process on Meta platforms. By leveraging business data, the platform automates the creation of hyper-targeted campaigns. Ads and campaigns are also updated in real-time as data changes.

Overall, Smartly offers a comprehensive solution for successful Facebook marketing. Through its creative flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency, Smartly helps brands stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Benefits of Smartly

  • Utilizes pre-built dynamic templates for speedy campaign creation
  • Automated tools for media management across various social networks
  • Provides in-depth insights and custom metrics for campaign performance
  • Enables running of Split, Lift, and Multi-Cell Lift Tests
  • Facilitates bulk ad creation for numerous products simultaneously

Drawback of Smartly

  • The learning curve when using the tool can be quite steep, especially for beginners


  • Contact their sales team here to get an accurate quotation

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Ads

Facebook Business Manager is one of the most well-known advertising tools. The user-friendly interface of Facebook Business Manager makes it accessible for beginners, creating an environment that feels familiar to those who are regular users of the platform.

It serves as an excellent starting point for those new to Facebook advertising. At the same time, it offers the flexibility to integrate with more advanced Facebook marketing software for enhanced data management and reporting.

The mobile experience offered by Facebook Business Manager goes beyond basic social media interactions. It empowers users to control their marketing campaigns directly from their smartphones or tablets. You can track ad performance, edit ads, adjust schedules and budgets, and even create new ads on the go.

Moreover, the platform offers detailed insights and analytics, allowing marketers to fine-tune their strategies based on real-time data. This level of control and visibility is crucial for making informed decisions that drive better engagement and conversions.

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

  • Pixel tracking enables precise audience targeting
  • Provides full visibility of your campaigns in one centralized location
  • Integrates with third-party platforms like Google Tag Manager, Shopify, and Big Commerce
  • Automated ads streamline campaign management to save time and resources
  • Offers in-depth analytics for detailed campaign insights

Drawback of Facebook Business Manager

  • Bugs and crashes can be experienced every now and then


  • Free to use. But running ads will cost you depending on the scale of the campaign

SharpSpring Ads

Sharpspring Ads

When it comes to retargeting, SharpSpring Ads is one of the best Facebook advertising tools that you can use. It simplifies the process of reconnecting with lost customers across Facebook and expands the scope of retargeting beyond traditional web strategies.

SharpSpring Ads leverages your own first-party audience data to retarget users on Facebook. It also offers an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks campaigns from cookie to conversion, providing metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and expenditure.

Moreover, this tool enables retargeting across Facebook’s extensive network, including Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Instagram, Sidebar, Messenger, Marketplace, and Audience Network. This way, ads are served where they perform best.

The security of user data is a priority for SharpSpring Ads. In collaboration with Facebook, it employs anonymous cookies for ad placement without sharing or exchanging any user data.

Lastly, its dashboard further enhances the user experience by offering a high-level overview of account performance. The tool’s customizable nature allows marketers to quickly identify and address performance outliers.

Benefits of SharpSpring Ads

  • Has conversion and revenue tracking to measure ad impact
  • Includes a helpful calendar picker for reporting purposes
  • Transparent billing with detailed invoices
  • Cross-device targeting that helps reach users on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Dynamic reporting tool for creating flexible and insightful campaign reports

Drawback of SharpSpring Ads

  • Its filtering feature needs to be improved


  • SharpSpring Ads charge on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions). Talk to their team to learn more.



Revealbot is a highly efficient Facebook advertising tool. It offers automation features that can significantly enhance your ad campaigns. With this tool, you can streamline your advertising efforts and maximize your ROI.

It has a rule-based automation that allows users to create custom rules based on specific performance metrics or conditions.

For instance, you can set rules to adjust ad budgets based on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This level of control helps you to optimize your ad spend effectively.

Scheduled Actions are another handy feature offered by Revealbot. You can schedule actions such as pausing or starting campaigns, adjusting budgets, or changing bid strategies at specific times or intervals. With this, you can save time and run your campaigns optimally.

Furthermore, this tool also has Automated Ad Creation. You can create ad templates with dynamic elements, such as product catalogs or user data. This enables the automatic generation of multiple ad variations based on predefined rules and criteria.

Lastly, Revealbot automates the process of running A/B tests by setting up rules to allocate budgets between different ad variations based on performance. This way, you’re always optimizing your ad creative for maximum effectiveness.

Benefits of Revealbot

  • Create new ads and ad variants with just a few clicks
  • Easy creative and audience testing
  • Boost your best organic posts
  • Work efficiently with audiences and creatives
  • Put campaign growth on autopilot

Drawback of Revealbot

  • The automation can be a little intimidating if you aren’t that familiar with Facebook ads


  • The pro plan is $99.00 billed monthly



TapClicks, Inc. provides a complete marketing report and analytics platform designed for digital agencies, media companies, and businesses.

With this tool, handling and analyzing marketing campaign data is made simple. The platform brings together data and performance metrics into one dashboard, giving users automated reporting and analytics.

Furthermore, its analytics and reporting dashboard is cloud-based, making it cost-effective, scalable, and accessible to a team. With over 200 services being offered by TapClicks, all aspects of your Facebook advertising are monitored and analyzed effectively.

This tool can also manage thousands of clients within a single dashboard effortlessly. This promotes transparency with clients and builds stronger relationships with them.

Additionally, TapClicks offers white labeling options, letting agencies customize the platform to fit each client’s unique needs. It also provides scoring and real-time analytics across all campaigns.

Benefits of TapClicks

  • Offers exciting way of presenting data with visual aids like interactive timelines and more
  • Stay ahead by receiving alerts when a campaign needs your attention
  • Save time with automated reporting, sending reports via email in HTML, PDF, or Excel formats 
  • Access over 200 integrations tailored to agencies of all sizes
  • Get insights into your competition with iSpionage, providing local SEM data intelligence

Drawback of TapClicks

  • The site speed can be laggy at times


  • Contact them here to get an accurate quotation

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Despite the name, Google Analytics is a powerful tool for the success of your Facebook ads. It helps you understand how well your ads are working and what people do after they click on them.

Setting up goals within Google Analytics helps you track specific actions taken by your visitors. After they click on your Facebook ads, this tool will track actions such as purchases, form submissions, or newsletter sign-ups, providing tangible reports on your ad’s effectiveness.

Moreover, this tool also has Audience Reports that help you gain insights into the demographics, interests, and behaviors of users interacting with your Facebook ads.

Another great feature of Google Analytics is its cross-device tracking capabilities. With this, you can trace how users engage with your website across different devices. So if someone clicks on your ad on their phone and then later buys something on their computer, you’ll know about it.

Overall, connecting your Facebook Ads account with Google Analytics brings all your data together in one place. You can see exactly how much money you’re spending on ads and how much money you’re making in return.

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • Well-used tool and has massive adoption
  • Google Ads is free
  • Simple to use
  • Provides comprehensive reports on your data
  • Updated regularly with new features

Drawback of Google Analytics

  • The tool is non-compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


  • Free to use

Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat Measurement offers measurement and analytics solutions that can be integrated with Facebook advertising campaigns. 

One of its key strengths is its ability to sniff out ad fraud. Using smart algorithms, this tool can detect and prevent fraudulent activity like non-human traffic or fake impressions. This ensures that your ad budget is being spent on real people, not bots.

Oracle Moat also keeps a watchful eye on brand safety. It scans ad placements across various digital platforms to make sure they’re in line with your brand’s guidelines.

In addition, it has comprehensive analytics and reporting features. With this tool, you can track important metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions. This data allows you to evaluate the success of your Facebook ad tools and tweak your strategies for better results.

Overall, Oracle Moat helps ensure that ads are served to real users in brand-safe environments, protecting advertisers’ brand reputation.

Benefits of Oracle Moat Measurement

  • Provides detailed data that other ad servers can’t track
  • Easy to use and lets you dive deep into your Facebook ad campaigns
  • You can customize reports however you want and export them easily
  • It tracks every view, even in display and video ads
  • Using it can make your platform seem more trustworthy

Drawback of Oracle Moat Measurement

  • Issues in exporting reports into Excel docs


  • Contact Oracle sales to get a quote

FAQs About Facebook Advertising Tools

What are Facebook advertising tools?

Facebook advertising tools are software and platforms designed to help marketers and businesses create, manage, and optimize their Facebook ad campaigns. These tools offer features like ad creation, scheduling, analytics, and automation to improve campaign performance.

Why should I use Facebook advertising tools?

Using Facebook advertising tools can save you time, improve your ad targeting, and help you analyze and understand your ad performance better. This can lead to more efficient use of your budget and higher returns on your investment.

Are there free Facebook advertising tools available?

Yes, there are several free tools available, including Facebook’s own Ads Manager. However, some advanced features and third-party tools might require a subscription or payment.

How do I choose the right Facebook advertising tool for my business?

Consider your business size, budget, and specific needs. Look for tools that offer the features you need, such as automation, analytics, or creative design, and check their reviews and pricing structures.

Can Facebook advertising tools automate my ad campaigns?

Yes, many tools offer automation features, allowing you to schedule ads in advance, automatically adjust bids based on performance, and even pause underperforming campaigns.

What kind of analytics do Facebook advertising tools provide?

These tools can offer a range of analytics, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement rates. They can also provide insights into audience behavior, ad performance over time, and comparative analysis against other campaigns.

Can I manage multiple Facebook ad campaigns with these tools?

Yes, most Facebook advertising tools are designed to handle multiple campaigns at once, making it easier for marketers to manage their ad strategy across different products, services, or target audiences.

How do Facebook advertising tools integrate with other marketing efforts?

Many tools offer integration with other marketing platforms and tools, allowing you to sync your Facebook advertising with your overall marketing strategy. This can include email marketing, CRM software, and analytics platforms, providing a more cohesive and streamlined marketing approach.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to digital marketing, the right tools can make all the difference in executing successful campaigns.

Throughout this article, we’ve explored a range of Facebook advertising tools designed to streamline your marketing efforts, enhance your targeting capabilities, and provide you with actionable insights to refine your strategies.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, these tools offer invaluable resources to elevate your marketing game on one of the world’s most powerful social media platforms.

Most importantly, success in digital marketing is about continuous learning and adaptation. By embracing these tools, you’re not just improving your Facebook advertising efforts; you’re setting a foundation for broader marketing success.