Dasani Water Will be Sold in an Aluminum Can

Dasani Water

The Coca-Cola Company has announced that Dasani water will be getting a green overhaul. This includes recyclable packaging and most importantly, water in aluminum cans.

This is part of the company’s focus on keeping its environmental promise of recycling the equivalent of every can or bottle it sells by 2030.

In the next year, Dasani in a can will launch, while packaging and bottles will feature “How2Recycle” labels to raise awareness. On top of this, the plastic bottles it sells will use 50% less plastic than older designs.

Dasani Water Stations

On top of introducing Dasani water in a can, there will be refill stations. These stations will include multiple Dasani products and encourage customers to use refillable bottles.

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest examples of single-use plastics. You drink the water in the bottle and throw it out.

They are completely unnecessary when you can use refillable bottles.

Why Canned Water Is A Big Deal

When it comes to recyclable materials, not all are equal. Aluminum cans are much easier to recycle than plastic bottles.

Reducing the number of plastic bottles being produced is a significant step in fixing the plastic pollution epidemic.

In fact, Coke is not the only company to move in this direction. Pepsi previously announced its plan of launching canned Aquafina in a similar time frame.

This green push on the Dasani brand is also a move to revitalize the brand’s sales. Younger shoppers are more likely to purchase products that are better for the environment.

Improving The Recycling Infrastructure

Recycling Infrastructure

The biggest problem that Coke faces is the country’s recycling infrastructure. Only a fraction of bottles and cans sold actually get recycled.

However, a bigger problem is that recycling centers cannot actually recycle everything they receive. This means that even if you recycle a plastic bottle, there is a chance it does not get processed.

To combat this, Coke is donating money to nonprofit organizations to improve the recycling infrastructure.

Going Green is a Necessity

Millennials are the target audience for companies, and unlike previous generations, they are environmentally conscious.

Companies have to take the initiative when it comes to going green or else they will face financial consequences.

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