GreenGeeks Account Security Improvements

GreenGeeks is pleased to announce security improvements to your account. We take great pride in ensuring account security along with enhancing the customer experience. We hope these changes will do just that.

Login Verification Email

As you may remember from our earlier announcement in May 2020, GreenGeeks implemented login alert emails for all successful logins to your dashboard. To further protect your account, we’ve just rolled out an additional security measure, requiring a one-time verification code for devices that we don’t recognize.

This means if you login to your GreenGeeks account from a new device, or a different browser, you’ll need to complete a one-time verification via Email, Phone or SMS to complete the login process. This additional verification is only done for devices that we do not recognize, once verified we will “know” your device and you will be able to login as normal.

If you frequently login from different devices, GreenGeeks recommends enabling Two-factor Authentication on your GreenGeeks account.

Two-factor Authentication

GreenGeeks has support for full Two-factor Authentication (2FA), the most secure way to access your GreenGeeks account. 2FA uses a one-time code generated from your local device (phone or tablet) to verify your identity.

This means that once 2FA is enabled, even if your email address on file or your GreenGeeks login credentials are compromised, the attacker would still be unable to login without having access to your local device.

Learn more about Two-factor Authentication & How to enable it.

User Administration / Account Access

We have re-launched the ability to access your account by multiple account holders. This makes it easy to allow other people in your organization or developers to have access to your GreenGeeks account, without having to share your own GreenGeeks login details.

Once authorized, the delegated user will have full access to manage the hosting service, access cPanel, create an SSL certificate, and even contact GreenGeeks support on your behalf.

Learn more about User Administration for your GreenGeeks account.

If you have any questions or concerns about these new security improvements on your GreenGeeks account, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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