GreenGeeks awarded Best Value for WordPress by WPHub

Last Friday the popular WordPress blog and resource center awarded us their Best Value for WordPress Hosting Award.

We’re extremely excited about and thankful for this nod of appreciation from one of the rising stars in the WordPress ecosphere.  We are however aware that you may not be familiar with WPHub as they are the result of a recent merger of several different WordPress blogs/resources.  Since they have been kind enough to highlight what makes GreenGeeks such a great service to their community and the WordPress community at large, we’d like to introduce you to WPHub and what they’re all about too.

WPHub: A New WordPress Community Destination is a new portal for all things WordPress with a focus on the premium theme and plugin markets.  While new in name, its team members include many WordPress veterans including Kevin Muldoon and Nathan B Weller of, which was recently merged with WPHub along with other WordPress content acquisitions.  These strategic acquisitions by WPHub founder and owner Michael Jackness has made WPHub the new “it” site for WordPress enthusiasts.  Not only have they gathered together the best premium themes and plugins on the market (over 650 premium themes and a growing collection of top rated plugins) but their blog is updated multiple times per day.  Which means that if you want to know what’s going on in the world of WordPress at any given moment, you should probably check in at WPHub.

Besides having all of the best premium WordPress themes and plugins available – as well as a rapidly updated blog – WPHub also offers high quality tutorials, hosting packages (of which we are the top rated in value) and personalized WordPress services.  We’ve broken everything down into sections below to best highlight this great new resource for all of you who are using GreenGeeks to host your WordPress website.

WPHub Themes

WPHub is already one of the largest and most respected WordPress theme marketplaces on the web.  With over 650 themes and growing every day they are on pace to quickly leave the competition in the dust.  Through their partnerships with the very best existing WordPress developers and marketplaces out there, WPHub is able to offer a top quality experience for anyone looking to get a new premium theme.  One feature that sets them apart from the competition is that they have personally reviewed each and every theme they offer.  A claim that to the best of our knowledge – out of all the major WordPress theme marketplaces on the web – only WPHub can make.

Another feature that makes finding the perfect WordPress theme through WPHub so great is their extremely detailed search filters.  Most marketplaces simply offer the classifications under “Category” in the images below.  As you can see, WPHub goes the extra mile with an insane amount of search filters that will help you locate the perfect theme in no time flat.

WPHub Plugins

Similarly, WPHub also offers the very best premium plugins available for WordPress.  Again, each with an in-depth review that WPHub wrote upon offering the plugin for sale on their site.  These reviews not only inform you whether or not it’s the right theme for you, but more often than not they explain how to set up and configure the plugin for best effect as well.

WPHub Tutorials

And if the hundreds of premium theme and plugin reviews are not enough content for you they also publish a new in-depth WordPress tutorial about once a week.  Some of the more recent examples include:

Tips on Using JavaScript in WordPress

Using WordPress as an API Documentation Blog

Organize WordPress Posts with Custom Fields

WordPress Custom Fonts

Customizing WordPress Posts by Editing the WordPress Loop

Formatting Tricks That Make Your WordPress Site Unique

And Many More…

WPHub Hosting

WPHub partners with the best WordPress hosting companies in the business.  Besides yours truly, they also team up with some other outstanding service providers.  Each WordPress hosting service provider they partner with has been chosen for different reasons and are right for different types of WordPress users.  For instance, GreenGeeks was chosen as WPHub’s best value choice while others are categorized under other beneficial attributes.

When you buy any of these hosting packages through WPHub, including ours, they are able to help get you up and running even faster by installing WordPress and configuring your settings for you.  Which brings us to their WordPress services.

WPHub Services

WPHub offers several services both for beginners and seasoned WordPress users.  They will set up and configure a new WordPress site for you, install and configure plugins/themes, do complete site customizations, or help with support and troubleshooting for any problem WordPress related.  Basically, if you’re on WordPress and you need ANYTHING they will help you out.

WPHub Blog

The WPHub blog, as we previously mentioned, is updated multiple times per day.  This may not seem extremely significant at first but what this does is provide an enormous amount of free guidance, tutorials, commentary, news, and instruction to go with their already enormous arsenal of premium products.  With some of the most prolific WordPress bloggers in the industry all under one roof so to speak, they are quickly building an incredible content library that will prove extremely helpful to anyone in need of more WordPress information.

And that about sums it all up!  If you can’t tell, we return the sentiment that WPHub expressed about us.  We think they’re a great service, resource, and community center for those of you crazy about WordPress and we highly recommend them.

You can read the WPHub Awards post here

And their full review of GreenGeeks here

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  1. Congrats on the award and you guys absolutely deserve the recognition for the great work you.

    Keep up the good work.


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